Pic Collage for Kids

11th May 2016
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Due to the popPic collage kids HardSoftular demand in schools for their original App, Pic Collage, Cardinal Blue have now released Pic Collage for kids. The original Pic Collage is also free but has a public gallery which may contain content not suitable for students.
Pic Collage for kids is a safe, free app that can be used across all subjects to make any collage, leaflet, poster or labeled picture.
Photo’s can be taken directly in to the app, chosen from the camera roll or imported directly from the Internet (careful of copyright!). There are a number of preset options for fonts, colours, background patterns and a range of stickers.The pictures, labels and fonts can be moved and rotated with a simple swipe or flick, especially helpful for primary students.
As the photo’s can be taken from the camera roll or straight in to the app, it takes out the hassle of sharing a digital camera and downloading the pictures to be placed in to a software program or printed.Unknown
The layout options are numerous and therefore can be used in a variety of ways. For example, having numerous tiles in a row can record a sequence of events which can be labelled or a story/ facts told.
There are a multitude export options that can be used with the app. Sending, saving and printing can all be done very easily and quickly.
Here are some ideas which have been fed back from schools which lease from HardSoft:
History- Propaganda Posters
Food Technology- Hygiene poster and recipe cards
Primary schools- Mini- beast and Habitat projects and Family tree’s
School production leaflets
Science- Labeled pictures e.g. states of matter and experiment steps recorded and labelled
English- Comic strip style sequence or pictures associated with types of words, e.g. verbs

PIccollage for kids HardSoft
Food Technology homework example

There are endless opportunities for use of this app in the classroom. We have had great feedback on how easy it is to make a professional collage which students can use to really engage in the subject content.
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