Take our Survey and get a chance to win your School 5 Apple iPads

16th October 2017

**Click here to Start** Funding IT can be challenging these times when faced with increasing IT pressure from parents and educators… HardSoft are a specialist finance provider and are looking to understand more about future issues so we can create new ways and methods to get more IT into the classroom- given constraints of budgets. Please […]

Classroom App… are you using it yet?

7th September 2017

Following the release of Apple Classroom last year, the issues have been ironed out and updated. It is time for you to start using it in your school! Have you used the Apple Classroom App yet? Do you know what it can even do…. Classroom is everything that we have been asked for in an […]

Why Lease Your School's IT Equipment?

13th July 2017

If you are considering buying IT equipment, such as tablets or laptops, for your school, you’ll be looking for the best deal for your funds. You may be surprised to learn that leasing is actually cheaper than buying and there are more advantages to leasing too. Such as: It frees up your capital – when […]

iPad insurance for schools

19th May 2017

Schools all over the country are buying and leasing multiple iPads. Not only are they spending thousands on the devices themselves, but also on the insurance they will need to cover them… Apple devices are very expensive but so common. They have flooded the market with all of their must buy- must have products and […]

Leasing technology is better for schools

27th April 2017

We all know just how quickly technology moves on. In this day and age children are always looking for the next video game console or smartphone (and let’s be honest, most of us adults are too), but as soon as you buy one Xbox or iPhone a new and improved version is announced. And then it’s on […]

How to use your tablet in the classroom

16th December 2016

Are you thinking about leasing Apple iPads or tablets for your classroom but do not know how you will use them? Here are some great ideas and tips for how to get the most from your devices. When it comes to technology and education, tablets are the new holy- grail! It is no wonder; they […]

iPads; the perfect companion to learning outside

28th September 2016

You’re in the outdoor classroom; your children find a caterpillar. You stop time to let the children examine it in detail; you guarantee that every child gets the chance to investigate it. You magnify the caterpillar to see how it eats – and make it crawl in slow motion as the class query how it […]

Minecraft for Education

2nd September 2016

Released in September 2016, the hotly anticipated Minecraft for Education is a collaborative and versatile platform that can be used by educators to encourage 21st century skills. For teachers who have never used Minecraft before, getting used to the system can be a steep learning curve, but there is a handy training section to get […]

Getting started with iPads in the Classroom

18th May 2016

If you are starting out with iPads in your school, the number of Apps recommended and available can be confusing. It can be difficult to know where to start, the expectation of parents and peers adds pressure to a new learning situation. Here is a simple guide to the in-built Apps iPad as standard… and what […]

Pic Collage for Kids

11th May 2016

  Due to the popular demand in schools for their original App, Pic Collage, Cardinal Blue have now released Pic Collage for kids. The original Pic Collage is also free but has a public gallery which may contain content not suitable for students. Pic Collage for kids is a safe, free app that can be […]

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