How To Retrieve Hardware from Ex-Staff With Boomerang Reprovisioning Service

22nd December 2022
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What Can The Boomerang Computer Device Reprovisioning Service Do For Your Businesses?

Reprovisioning services, also known as computer device repurposing services, allow you to do more with your IT resources. 

Computer reprovisioning services like Boomerang make it easier to: 

  • Use computer devices for longer
  • Get your full money’s worth from hardware
  • Easily transition a device from one worker to another, with data wiped and the right personal software ready to go
  • Store devices until they are next needed by your company
  • Recycle obsolete devices using the greenest methods when they are truly no longer needed

Reprovisioning is, therefore, useful to your business device strategy. It extends the utility of valuable hardware and enables you to use it in different ways within your company, less wastefully. This equals greater productivity and fewer operational chores on your end.

Boomerang is an extra special computer repurposing service. It is becoming well known for going the extra mile for businesses because of its excellent extra features.

One such feature is how easy and simple it makes retrieving computer hardware from employees, or even ex-employees and then redeploying them to the next staff member. 

The Problem With Retrieving Computer Hardware From Ex-Staff

Have you ever suffered from this scenario? You give your employees the best and most relevant computer hardware to perform their duties, but when they leave the company, it turns into a mammoth task to entice them to return your assets?

This problem is costly to your business since computer electronics are high value items. The situation is also becoming more common with the rise in popularity of remote working, homeworking and hybrid working. 

The reason for this shift is because the computer asset is often stored at that worker’s home, not onsite at the offices. The WFH setup may be beneficial when the person is actually working for you; however, if they are offered another job or were let go from your business, you might find them less cooperative at returning property.

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Some people are always helpful but an individual’s loyalty to a company often ends when they move on to pastures new. Coupled with the fact that people’s lives are very busy, it can make them disinclined to worry about the hassle of returning property.

Personal computer devices are also expensive and you’ve given them a superior business-grade piece of hardware to use, to which they have become accustomed. It’s not a good excuse but it does influence people. It’s an unsavoury thought but one behind the complex and frustrating issues that occur when an ex-staff member won’t return hardware.

Why Is Losing Computer Equipment To Ex-Staff An Issue For Businesses?

Some businesses give up and never recoup the losses from the missing computer equipment. It’s generous but a tactical business error for several reasons. 

Your computer hardware assets are extremely valuable to your business. Not only might they be crucial for your staff to carry out their roles, and thereby continue to create profits for you, but the equipment itself is rarely cheap.

Whether your computer hardware is owned by you or leased, they are valuable electronics in which you have invested. Naturally, you want to keep on top of your computer resources.

Losing a computer device is a serious issue for businesses. It is a loss of expensive gear, it is the loss of a vital tool, and it is potentially a security risk if non-company members can gain access to the data on a device.

Unfortunately, the loss or theft of computer devices does happen, and it isn’t always in the way that you might imagine.

While devices can be stolen from your workers or premises in a premeditated manner, or accidentally left on a train, losing the gear to former employees is often a case of apathy.

Particularly if an employee has been let go by your company, they might be disgruntled and emotionally unwilling to return computer equipment if the process is an inconvenience to them.

boomerang collecting device step 3

So, how can a computer device reprovisioning service like Boomerang assist with this conundrum?

Well, firstly, a big part of repurposing your computer equipment is the service provider taking on the burden of collecting the device. Boomerang can retrieve it from your various offices or employee’s residence.

Equipment can then be stripped of irrelevant software and data from the previous user.

Next, the device can be stored for you, or fully personally configured for the new employee with all the right software for them.

Finally, the device is redeployed, by your service provider to a new employee.

Now, the retrieval part is, naturally, easier when transitioning the device from one current staff member to another but collecting from old employees and redeploying to new ones is a more common scenario.

Boomerang has a much higher success rate for smooth device collection than competitor services because steps have been taken to make the process as easy as possible.

boomerang ship to new user step 3

The best combat for apathetic, busy and disgruntled employees is to ensure the process puts as few requirements on them as possible. If they do not have to make any effort, then they are far more likely to return your precious hardware. 

Boomerang makes the process simple by providing a clear date and one-hour time slot for collection. The service doesn’t make the individual wait around all day for them when they could be doing other activities.

Most importantly, the person currently in possession of the computer device does NOT need to package it for collection. 

Packaging the device is usually a central requirement in most hardware collection services but NOT with Boomerang. 

Having to find the right sized box, suitable wrapping materials and then packaging the equipment is one of the biggest hassles in returning computer devices. Boomerang bypasses all of this

The collection service will arrive at the designated, arranged time with a specialist protection plastic envelope for the laptop, tablet or smartphone. The employee, freelancer or ex-staff member simply slides the equipment into the envelope and off it goes ready for reconfiguration and redeployment. It’s so easy.

Without extra chores and faff, even ex-employees are willing to return your computer assets. 

It’s just one of the many ways that Boomerang makes organising, managing and using your hardware to the fullest stress-free.