CleverTouch for your School

23rd March 2016
People working on tablets and computers

It seems like everything is touchscreen these days, I have to wrestle my toddler from trying to use her fat fingers to prod my laptop screen and television… Is this the future for technology? If it is, how will our children be prepared to become part of the digital workforce?

We are working together with CleverTouch, the market leader for interactive touch screens for education, to offer schools touch screen devices on lease.

CleverTouch screens for education are the future for teaching. Long gone is the black board and white board. The smart board and projector are being left behind to make way for the innovative new CleverTouch clevertouch HardSoftscreens. These multi-touch screens are being utilised in the classroom to create exciting and information packed lessons. Students are actively participating in lessons using the interactive media. Using CleverTouch, educators are given the opportunity to include interactive aspects to the lesson, this is not just a board for presenting and displaying information. The screen can be saved at any given moment to preserve an idea or keep as evidence of a students work. The screen shot can also be emailed to students and parents to continue the learning outside of the classroom.
The functionality of the board can be changed from displaying at the front of class to tipped on it’s side for students to use as a screen for collaboration. There is also the option to split the screen with the software, this enables more than one learning outcome to be realised at one time. With Multi-touch and gesture control, each student can work to their own speed. Using the side of your hand, erasing couldn’t be easier. Actually, all of the controls are really easy to use.
CleverTouch has software that allows you to display iPads. Many schools using visualisers and projectors will understand the problems that come from over heating and casting shadows across their board. With CleverTouch, you can return to the front of the class as you will have none of these problems. The screens are also really robust. Unlike re calibrating each knocked visualiser, your CleverTouch screen has a steel frame and hardened safety glass with anti glare protecting it.clevertouch-plus HardSoft
Teachers can share and work on multiple lessons, saving them in the cloud. With the handy cloud storage, you can share content between screens. The screens come in a range of sizes, suitable for classroom, lecture hall and assembly. No calibration is needed which means that they can be moved around as needed, just plug it in.  The interactive board can be used in conjunction with your laptop to re use previous materials or with its own built- in operating system.
Lease from HardSoft and we will come to your school to install your screen, mounting it on the wall or we can provide a trolley to make it portable. With our leasing solutions you can make equipping your school with the latest technology possible. Our pricing is completely transparent and your only outlay. We have LEA approved operating leases and already work with many schools. You will receive training days or twilight sessions to get your staff up to date with their new tools. We also supply 3 years free warranty and telephone technical support.