Classroom App… are you using it yet?

7th September 2017
People working on tablets and computers

Following the release of Apple Classroom last year, the issues have been ironed out and updated. It is time for you to start using it in your school! Have you used the Apple Classroom App yet? Do you know what it can even do….
Classroom is everything that we have been asked for in an App, when using iPads in schools. It does all of those things teachers were crying out for. Its main purpose is to help teachers to guide students though their lessons and keep up to date with the progress that they are making. The teacher is able to launch the App that they want to use on every iPad in the classroom; it can be a different App for each student if needed. This means, you can also limit the Apps that students can use.
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Each student is given their own Apple ID. They can then tailor their profile to be their own. For each lesson, the Teacher can assign the Apps for their class. If a student forgets their password, they are reset by the teacher easily, without needing technical support.
Classroom iPadIf you are using shared iPads: Once you connect to Classroom, all iPads nearby connect to it. It is so clever, it assigns the student that most regularly uses that device and gives their profile. It will also log that student out at the end of the sessions.
Teacher has complete control: The teacher can launch any App, website or book son student devices with just the tap of a finger. You can lock devices to a single App (if need be) and even lock screens to pause work and speak to your classroom.
Screen View: With Screen View, you can have either, an overview of all screens at once or ficus on a single screen. The students are informed that the screen is being viewed for their privacy, but the teacher does not need to move from the spot they are in to do it.
Share Work: You will need Apple TV to do this. (HardSoft can add these too your lease). Historically this has been either expensive, difficult or timely to do. Now, you are able to display great work to the class. You only need tap the AirPlay button to get the screen on your board wirelessly. Students are again informed when this is going to happen.
Organisation: If you want to create groups, the App is so intelligent that it will create the groups automatically depending on the apps they are using. Teachers can also easily create groups when needed. It can be organised using the whole class or just smaller teams at a time.
As the Classroom App utilises the local Network, it is great for shared or 1-to-1 scheme. You can geofence iPads, which means that the iPads will be taken over when they are brought to School (location dependant) if they take them home. If this does not work for you as you are a boarding school etc, then you can set the times you would like the iPads locked down.
To use Apple Classroom, you will need to be using an iPad which has iOS 9.3 or later. Your iPad needs to be 3rd generation or later or iPad mini 1st generation or later. You will also need to be enrolled in the Apple DEP. What is DEP ? Stands for Device Enrollment Program and allows your iPads to be centrally registered then managed via an Apple portal. Once on the Portal you would need to pay for MDM solution (Mobile Device Management ). HardSoft recommend an MDM solution called AirWatch by VMWare.
HardSoft iPadsHardSoft offer Apple Leases for Schools on an operating lease which is LEA approved. Our most popular Apple Leasing solution for schools is our Apple Learning Lab. We will provide 30 iPads, a secure and portable trolley which can charge and synch your devices and a MacBook Air all form just £385 +VAT per month. Our single iPad leases start at just £5.90 +VAT per month for an iPad Mini 32GB.  All HardSoft leases include 3 years extended Warranty, Telephone Technical support and Accidental Damage Cover for the duration of your lease. This means that if you have a faulty, broken, smashed or water damaged device, we will collect it by courier, repair it and return it in a timely manner. If you need to keep up and running we will offer you a loan device for the duration of the repair, negating your down time.
For more information on the deals above or to speak to one of our Apple Specialists give us a call on 0207 111 1643. We can tailor make a quote across our product range to get the right IT at the right price for you.