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Top 5 best apps for Primary schools

As soon as they can find their way around a keyboard children are ready to use apps, so why not make them educational? If they love using a tablet then make their screen time productive by getting them learning whilst they play. Primary schools are now realising that this is a wonderful way to keep children occupied whilst making use of easy-to-use apps.

Apps for Schools

But with so many on the market, how do you decide which the best apps are for Primary Schools? Well we have done some of the research for you so take a look at our guide below and get those children apping and tapping! read more


Should we use iPads in Schools?

The debate rages on and the same question is asked: “Should we use iPads in Schools?” With so many varying opinions, we take a look at the issue in detail, asking are they just a passing craze or can they really help children to learn in a new and exciting way?

iPads in Schools

Using iPads is Second Nature to School Children Today

Check out the advantages

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you need to at least consider the question as not doing so could mean that your children are failing to benefit in ways that they should. Many teachers that already use iPads take the view that they are a great asset to the classroom, enabling them to support and add to lessons rather than detract. Let’s look at some of the reasons why many rate them so highly: read more


Microsoft Surface for Education

When it comes to the education sector, most schools have been using Apple’s Macbooks and iPads which work really well for them. However, the release of Microsoft’s Surface range means that there is now a great alternative to those iPads and Macbooks.

A study conducted by FutureSource found that Apple iOS and MacOS devices are in decline, particularly in the USA, and are not necessarily the primary tools of those in the education system. They found that outside of the US, Microsoft is still a leader in the market read more


Organise yourself with iOS11

iPad iOS11 Files

Have you seen it? iOS 11 I mean… it is killing my phone battery (turn off Background App Refresh in Settings- General) until they iron out those cheeky little App bugs that keep us on our toes. They have finally made a file app though, hallelujah!!

When I go into schools and explain that all of the work they save to their iPads will usually be found in the camera roll, I can hear the collective sigh. We all take pictures of recipes and letters all the time… followed by 500 hundred pictures of our kids/ pets and selfies, only to have to go and fish the information we need at a later date. Yes, you can find your documents in Pages or save to iBooks, but all of those PicCollages and pictures of students work can be a real pain to find at a later date. read more