Why Is Device As A Service A Superior Leasing Option for Hardware?

11th June 2021
Why Is Device As A Service A Superior Leasing Option for Hardware?

Devices as a Service is the modern way for businesses to source and pay for their hardware.

Rather than buying devices and owning them, companies lease the machines and pay a smaller monthly subscription.

Many medium-sized enterprises will find the DaaS model to be more advantageous than other leasing options. This is because of the built-in extras guaranteed by a DaaS subscription.

All leasing options can be a cost-effective approach to sourcing tech hardware. Buying hardware outright can be an enormous financial burden. It is a big cost in one go and can leave businesses high and dry if they require that money for other emergency expenditures or to invest in profit driven ventures.

Leasing provides a small upfront cost and spreads the financial burden, making a better cashflow solution for businesses.

However, standard leases don’t tend to come with automatic upgrades, whereas these are an integral part of a DaaS agreement.

With built in upgrades, businesses never have to worry about a drop in productivity and downtime caused by outdated machines. Regular upgrades to devices help businesses:

  • Increase productivity with the latest, high performance machines.
  • Flexible approaches to business operations – devices can be swapped to match current business needs.
  • Ongoing device management and maintenance.
  • No obsolete machines causing downtime due to failure.
  • Excellent cashflow with an Opex tax friendly model.

This puts businesses in an excellent position to actively improve the quality of their staff’s work, enhance productivity in day-to-day operations, shift their way of working or focus rapidly and invest in other opportunities.

Why D4T Is The Best DaaS Financial Solution?

All Device as a Service subscriptions typically come with added benefits, including automatic upgrades to better models and some management of devices.

Hardsoft’s very own DaaS solution goes one step further. With even more incentives, our DaaS model provides presents a number of reasons to switch away from buying or other leasing options.

Hardsoft’s Device as a Service option is called D4T, or Devices for Teams. It has been developed specifically to enhance how your staff teams work and eliminate the drawbacks found in other DaaS subscriptions.

One of the main factors in this is returning devices. While DaaS solutions allow for upgrades to the latest device models, they often charge when you wish to return or swap a device.

In addition to devices becoming old, there are a variety of reasons why a company may need to return or swap a device. As we’ve seen with the pandemic, the situation can change very quickly. Staff may need to switch from desktops to laptops or tablets.

Even in normal times, a department may be expanded or dissolves or the role of one staff member may shift. This create an environment where devices may need to be returned or swapped. In fact, in fast paced industries this can happen with some regularity.

While other DaaS subscriptions make this tricky, Hardsoft’s D4T never penalises you for wanting to return or swap a device.

With Devices for Teams, you will also gain an enhanced ongoing support package. This goes beyond simple device management to a complete 360 support wrapper as part of joining our DaaS model. Hardsoft will actively assess your current business needs and future objectives to advise on the best devices package.

This allows each staff member to have the best device for their role and to upgrade at the right time to suit the situation. Hardsoft can also save you money by supporting your company in adding Apple Business Manager or Microsoft Autopilot to enhance your deployment solutions, or by installing a suitable Mobile Device Management Solution for control of all company devices and better data security.

For ambitious medium enterprises Device for Teams is the perfect package to keep up with your business needs while being easy and cost-effective.