Why DaaS Is Better Than Traditional Hardware Sourcing Methods

4th June 2021
desk of devices connecting to one another like laptops, tablets and smartphones

Device as a Service, (DaaS) is a subscription-based leasing approach for businesses sourcing their tech hardware.

Unlike buying, businesses don’t own the hardware outright. They lease the machines and pay a monthly subscription payment.

DaaS offers more benefits and support than other forms of leasing:

Businesses can continually upgrade their devices to the latest models to avoid obsoletion.

  • They benefit from complete support by IT experts.
  • They receive advice on which devices will suit their company.
  • They have the ability to add devices whenever they need.
  • They can swap devices for changing staff roles.
  • Business can even return devices, so they can scale down as well as up.

In short, DaaS is an advanced, comprehensive, and extremely flexible style of leasing focused on helping businesses add scale and become more adaptable.

But why is it better than traditional hardware sourcing methods?

In the past, businesses would have to buy and own all their computers. This is awfully expensive, especially for young companies.

It was also difficult when the company wanted to grow. You had to buy a new device as the workforce slowly expanded.

This resulted in different devices in the office being of different age and wear.

With tech hardware costing businesses so much, it makes sense that a company would want to use it for as long as possible. Unfortunately, as we all know, computers become slower as they age and run into more faults and bugs. Software and applications begin to become incompatible.

The rapid rate of technological advancement causes devices to become outdated more quickly.

If companies had to update their devices regularly enough to avoid obsoletion and keep their workers at peak productivity it would be prohibitively costly.

This is a core reason why DaaS solutions are rapidly rising in popularity.

Over the last few years more and more manufacturers are realising Device as a Service options give businesses the flexibility and support they need to grow and change during these difficult economic times.

With the uncertainty during the pandemic, the demand for adaptable DaaS solutions has only grown stronger.

However, one challenge businesses still face, even with DaaS is if their company shrinks. During the trials of COVID 19, many companies have had to scale their operations down, change their mode of working or even issue mass redundancies.

The UK economy has now shifted dramatically and the government is struggling to support so many essential and useful businesses from going under.

With shifting working habits, such as working from home, and the continued uncertainty of buyer behaviour, the necessity of online services and many more factors, businesses have to be hyper adaptable to survive.

If they need to scale down, and use less devices, this can often evoke penalties or difficulties even with DaaS solutions. Thankfully, Hardsoft’s very own DaaS solution, Devices for Teams makes this easy. We have developed a DaaS without the faff method for hardware.

It is one of the only DaaS solutions that truly has no penalties for returning devices. D4T also allows businesses to mix devices from different manufacturers as part of their DaaS service.

While Apple, Microsoft Surface, HP, and Lenovo all provide DaaS, they only provide their own devices. With Hardsoft you can get a mix of hardware from different manufacturers to suit your requirements. The perfect solution for flexible, modern businesses.