What is Device as a Service (DaaS) used for? and Why is it perfect for business?

6th January 2021
Device as a Service DaaS

There have been several new trends emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, and working from home has led to a shift in technology trends. Take up of Device as a Service (DaaS) has picked up pace, meaning that businesses are acquiring the hardware they need, when they need it, without having to buy, configure, or manage it.

An Accenture report shows that if you go back just five years to 2015 there were no major PC manufacturers offering a DaaS solution for their hardware, but that had changed by 2019 with a huge jump to 65% of those same major PC manufacturers the offering DaaS to their customers. HardSoft were slightly ahead of the curve here, offering our Devices for Teams DaaS solution back in 2018. Some of our customers who have chosen Devices for Teams have written Case Studies for us so you can see how it has benefited their business.

With Device as a Service, businesses take the devices they need, from laptops, desktops, mobile phones, to tablets, and they are usually preconfigured and customised with the applications and security software that the business requires, before being deployed as necessary all ready to go as soon as the device is out of the box and logged into the internet.

The devices can also be enrolled in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution such as Cisco Meraki’s Systems Manager, or Jamf Pro, so that they can be tracked if lost or stolen, wiped and locked if an employee leaves and doesn’t return it, as well as remotely updated or applications added/removed or even blocked.

These devices aren’t purchased by the business, they are paid for on a subscription model, or as with Devices for Teams from HardSoft, a flexible lease. Devices for Teams is an agile subscription DaaS solution, which allows businesses who need 45 or more devices the scalability to flex up and down as the business demands. Allowing them to accommodate new starters, leavers, bigger projects, or even kitting out a new business location.

The shift to working from home which followed the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, has seen a marked increase in the popularity of Device as a Service solutions, with a laptop buying frenzy happening and everyone had to equip their employees to work from home with a mobile device rather than a traditional office based desktop.

Chief Technical Officers (CTOs) and Chief Finance Officers (CFOs) quickly realised that it made more sense, and was easier, to secure devices fully configured and ready to go as soon as they reached their employees at home. HardSoft’s DaaS solution, Devices for Teams, also offers full service and support from our technical team during business hours, which means your remote workers can have any technical issues resolved quickly.

Device as a Service Customer Focused

Device as a Service is building momentum because businesses and customers ultimately want to make life easier, they want a service that is going to ensure that the devices they need are deployed when and where they’re required, and if something goes wrong it will be replaced quickly. These are the things that businesses value, and this is the main reason why HardSoft created Devices for Teams, to give our customers the ultimate solution which means they can tell us what they want and then sit back and watch it being delivered.

Here is how it works and the benefits of choosing Devices for Teams.