Top 3 Benefits of Leasing IT Equipment you Didn’t Know About

20th November 2020
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There’s no question that your business needs responsive, high-performing tech to do what it does, but do you really need to buy your devices outright? Leasing IT equipment offers a range of fantastic benefits over purchasing for businesses great and small.

You might already know that IT leasing is great for cash flow, and that it enables you to access the latest and greatest laptops, tablets and desktops easily and cost-effectively, but there are several other benefits of leasing IT equipment that you may be less familiar with.

Here are the top three benefits of leasing IT equipment that you may not have heard of.   

IT leasing is perfect for creative businesses

If yours is a creative and/or design-based business, chances are you use Macs and Apple tech to get the job done. Yet, with shiny new memory-hungry apps and software updates coming out almost constantly, and powerful new hardware released on the regular, it doesn’t take long for a Mac to feel a little out of date.

Alongside performance, there’s brand image to think about too; it can be important for creative companies to project an air of ultramodern cool, and out of date Macs simply don’t make the grade. This is key when it comes to clients and prospective new hires alike, since designers will often look for a business that can offer them the best tech when deciding where to take a job. Likewise, your current employees may start to consider their options if they don’t have the devices that allow them to do their best work.

There’s no denying the quality and appeal of Apple tech, but it comes with a high price tag. That’s why IT leasing of Macs and Apple devices makes so much sense since you can upgrade your current tech for the latest models after just 12 months of a Devices for Teams plan – Hardsoft’s Device as a Service (DaaS) subscription solution. 

IT leasing comes with fewer responsibilities of ownership

Buying IT equipment outright might give you the most options when it comes to how you use it, but this isn’t always an advantage.

Full ownership of IT equipment means taking on all the responsibilities that go with it, such as what you do with it once it’s no longer needed or fit-for-purpose. For example, if you plan on selling it on, will you be able to do so without losing money? How much will your tech have depreciated in value? Will you be able to sell it on quickly and easily, or will it end up being a hassle?

Or, if selling it isn’t an option, can you recycle it? If so, how can this be done legally and sustainably? Is it more likely that any old devices will end up gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere?

When your business leases IT equipment with Devices for Teams, you won’t have to worry about any of this. You can either swap any older devices for something newer after 12 months or simply return any you no longer use after the same amount of time, as long as you keep at least half the devices you originally leased. You also have the freedom to return all the devices and end your subscription after 24 months, with no payments or penalties. 

You get all the benefits of the latest tech without the burden of full ownership, and with only one regular monthly payment.

IT leasing enables you to customise your devices

For many businesses, their devices are as unique as they are. There may be a range of device build and configuration requirements among you and your team, from different hardware integrations to configurations for network and security settings.

But setting up new devices for the first time can be time-consuming and tricky to get right, and takes your team away from what they do best. Thankfully, leasing your IT equipment with Devices for Teams allows you to access the same pre-configuration service you would get if you bought your tech direct from the manufacturer, if not better. Our Apple-certified engineers can custom-build each of your devices to whatever configurations you need before we deliver them, and can then install them for you too, if need be. It’s another way that IT leasing makes life easier and more convenient for busy organisations with unique tech requirements.

There are so many benefits to leasing IT equipment with Devices for Teams, rather than buying it outright, it’s no wonder so many businesses are making the switch. To help you decide if yours should be next, please give our friendly team a call today.

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