Support & Configuration Services for PC’s is included within DaaS.

15th January 2021
Devicea a service Daas D4T and planning IT budgets for 2021

A Device as a Service solution means inclusive pre-configuration, direct delivery and support

When it comes to IT, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Before your new devices are ready to ship, they need to be configured to your needs. Included in our Flexible DaaS solution is our Support Wrapper which includes – pre-configurations, deployment and remote diagnostics so we can ensure all your teams are ready to work on Day One – even if they are WFH (Working from Home).

HardSoft manages your order from the warehouse, through logistics all the way through to deployment and support. Our highly trained and experienced engineers will customize your tech to suit your unique business needs to ensure everything is ready before it reaches your teams. Our Authorised engineers will continue with management and support throughout the device lifecycle. We offer services such as installing images, asset tagging, MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions and deployment tools, such as Apple Business Manager and Microsoft Autopilot.

Deployment– so you dont have to !

As Authorised Apple & Microsoft Resellers, we can register and deploy your devices in Apple Business Manager and/or Windows Autopilot. This pre-enrolment reduces the strain on your IT team and allows your users to get straight to work when the device gets delivered. These solutions will also help you track your assets while teams are WFH (Working From Home).

Pre-Configuration / Imaging– we can do it

Our certified engineers will pre-configure your devices before shipping. We can build your devices via imaging. We will work with your internal expert to understand you build, take and image and build all your devices from imaging. We can also do custom-images if different teams or departments have different images. If you are unsure what build you need on devices – we will schedule you a call with a senior engineer to discuss and tailor a build and solution for you. We can also do pre-configurations via MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions.

Mobile Device Management

Using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile allows centralised control, management and security of devices. You can remotely configure devices and enforce security policies, including remote wiping, to ensure your business remains in control of your assets. The solution will also allow you to deploy custom apps/ profiles and also allow geofencing in order to protect your data. HardSoft’s engineers are certified in Cisco Meraki Systems Manager, Jamf & Intune. Unsure what you need? Schedule a free consultancy call with our Tech Director. 

Asset Tagging

Within your deployment or MDM (Mobile Device Management) tools you will have a list of assets to help you tack devices and assign to users. In order to further help tracking of new devices, HardSoft, prior to shipping, can apply asset tags with your company logo onto your devices. We will also provide you with an asset report which will identify all devices shipped to addresses within the timeframe.

Remote Diagnostics 

Our Tech Service Desk will be available to help you during business hours with certified engineers ready to dial-in and diagnose your tech issues. When you need our help simply submit your support ticket and we will get back to you within 30mins!

Warranty & Repairs

Warranty is included with each desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. When your device needs repairing our repairs team will simply organise collection of your faulty device and deliver a similar spec model loan device to the necessary address. HardSoft also offers optional accidental damage cover