Simple Computer Hardware Storage Solutions For Businesses With Boomerang

28th December 2022
boomerang your devices

Businesses could benefit from affordable and easy-to-use computer hardware storage solutions with Boomerang.

Boomerang is a computer hardware reprovisioning service that also comes with many useful extra features that you won’t find in most reprovisioning services on the market.

Computer hardware reprovisioning services, or computer device repurposing, as it is sometimes known, allows businesses to use their IT resources more effectively.

With repurposing, you can utilise all purchased and leased computer hardware to the fullest. Reprovisioning helps you maintain hardware, so it lasts longer. It also lets you wipe a device, and then reconfigure it with the right software for a different employee and role.

This enables business owners to move IT hardware between staff. This presents opportunities to save money on hardware. It is especially useful when:

  • Employees leave
  • New hires join
  • Departments expand or contract
  • You use freelancers or contracts on projects

Reprovisioning like Boomerang also includes the added value of services such as collection of hardware from old staff members and redeployment to the next user.

boomerang ship to new user step 6

Yet, there are often occasions where there is a gap in utility for a piece of IT hardware. Perhaps a staff member will not be replaced immediately. Or perhaps you only need a certain piece of your computer arsenal for occasional projects.

Luckily, a cost-effective solution exists for this that does not include valuable hardware sitting idle in your offices or selling and replacing hardware continually.

Storing hardware until it is next needed is helpful for businesses and is yet another part of Boomerang’s elite reprovisioning services.

Why Would A Business Want To Store Computer Hardware?

Some of the most common reasons for wanting to temporarily store hardware are:

  • A department has been downsized but expansion or the opening of a new department is on the horizon
  • A rapid scale-up is planned
  • New hires will be brought in for the near future
  • Certain hardware is only useful and cost-effective for specific projects which are intermittent
  • Freelancers and contractors are often used but not all the time

It makes a lot more sense to hold on to hardware in these scenarios than sell it on and buy new when the time comes. The latter causes waste.

Reprovisioning computer hardware and storing it is financially better for a business and kinder to the environment.

Why Has Storing Hardware Been A Hassle For Businesses Historically?

Businesses often shy away from storing computer equipment because they believe it will be expensive and yet another chore to research and arrange.

Interestingly, constantly getting rid of and then rebuying hardware is more expensive and wasteful. When a computer repurposing service like Boomerang is used that comes with storage services, then the chore aspect is handled for you.

6 steps to boomerang

Why Is Temporary Storing Of Devices Better Than Replacing Them?

Storage makes sense because the devices are ready to go and deploy instantly when you need them. It cuts out the steps of having to research, select and acquire new hardware each time you hire a new employee or begin that intermittent video editing project again.

It saves time and money on IT resources.  

Computer Hardware Storage Solutions and Repurposing Services

As part of the Boomerang repurposing service, businesses can access safe and simple hardware storage. Boomerang organises it all for you and it is incredibly affordable. It is so simple because it outsources the task, businesses waste zero time and have very little arranging to do.

This repurposing service can be used as part of your computer device leasing solution, as a stand-alone subscription, or even just as a one-off ad hoc service as and when you need it.

Through Hardsoft’s close communication and attention to businesses’ evolving needs, we recognised a demand for services like device storage and reprovisioning. We, therefore, developed Boomerang to make it simple for businesses to get the help and device management that they require.

Boomerang reprovisioning service also has an array of other useful features, including:

  • Wiping data from devices
  • Reconfiguring devices with your chosen software
  • Repairing, technical support and extending the life span of devices
  • Simple device collection even from ex-employees’ homes
  • Redeployment to your next worker even at their home
  • Recycling and full device life-cycle management of obsolete devices