Simple Apple, HP & Lenovo DaaS Subscriptions

8th June 2021

DaaS subscriptions are revolutionising the way businesses source and manage their IT hardware.

The popularity of DaaS solutions is spreading. Businesses can now invest in Apple DaaS subscriptions, Microsoft DaaS, HP DaaS, or Lenovo DaaS. In fact, the vast majority of tech hardware manufacturers and their authorised resellers have embraced the Device as a Service movement.

The reason for this increase in DaaS subscription availability is that it is far more suited to modern business dynamics.

Why Does DaaS Work Better In Modern Business Dynamics?

Device as a Service allows companies to reduce their upfront costs when acquiring tech devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Traditionally, businesses would simply buy their hardware and own it completely. It would be their IT department’s job to keep the devices running smoothly, to dispose of them when they are no longer functional, and to then purchase new devices.

Another option that can save businesses money is leasing. By leasing a machine, you pay in smaller monthly payments. This can be useful for smaller, or growing businesses to spread the cost of their hardware.

However, a Device as a Service is better suited to modern business operations than traditional purchasing methods, or other forms of leasing thanks to its adaptability.

Why Is A DaaS Solution Useful To Modern Business Operations?

Tech devices have never been more powerful. Storage, graphics, software, and telecommunications needs are rapidly expanding with no signs of slowing down. Despite our devices being more powerful, the swift and never ceasing advancement of computer technology results in devices becoming obsolete more quickly.

In a business environment, high performance and compatibility is essential. It cannot be compromised on, unlike with a home device, where you can delay upgrading. Businesses require the best hardware, so their staff can produce good results for their customers.

This is one of the reasons that DaaS is crucial to modern businesses. This fast-paced technological environment necessitates the regular upgrade of devices. With a DaaS subscription, businesses can easily upgrade.

Why Do Businesses Need the Greater Flexibility Offered by DaaS?

The ability to continually upgrade devices is not just useful for avoiding obsoletion. Modern business dynamics need to react to changing situations very quickly.

Whether it’s a staff member changing locations, a new project, or department, scaling up or down, your business hardware should facilitate this transition seamlessly.

The devices your staff use might benefit from changing to meet their role regularly, so the ability to swap hardware is essential and it’s why DaaS is far more suited to the modern ways of working than buying or other forms of leasing.

Enjoy Mixed HP DaaS, Lenovo DaaS, Microsoft & Apple DaaS

While more device as a service options are becoming available from leading tech manufacturers, most subscriptions lock you into one kind of device.

Some business offices might be fully Apple or fully HP, however, a large proportion of modern businesses utilise a mixture of machines. This is especially true with more staff working from home, benefitting from hybrid, or flexible working, or if your team is remote and spread across the country.

Fortunately, Hardsoft are authorised resellers and trusted partners of the leading manufacturers. We can provide Apple DaaS, HP DaaS, Lenovo DaaS and Microsoft Daas solutions. With Hardsoft’s Devices for Teams solution, you can mix different kinds of hardware for your staff, such as iPhones, Surface tablets, HP laptops and more.