How to get your Teams Back to Work Post Covid-19 without impacting Cash Flow

13th May 2020
Devices for Teams DaaS Post Covid-19

As local economies begin to re-open amid Covid-19 concerns, you may be wondering how you can resume business operations in the best manner possible.

How can you unify teams with ease? And how can you boost productivity without negatively impacting your cash flow?

Here’s a rundown on how to bring together your company’s teams without taking on more cash flow challenges.

Work from Home Computer Solutions

As lockdowns lift, or as you receive your stimulus money from the government, you may be ready to get your team back working. At the same time, you would like to boost your revenue and productivity where possible.

Perhaps you are interested in completely shifting to remote working. In this situation, you’d like to make this a sustainable long-term solution without a huge cash outlay.

Fortunately, Device as a Service (DaaS), a form of virtual computing, is making this possible.

With a DaaS solution, you can provide workspaces that are cloud-based to your employees. The technology uses physical terminals to communicate with workspaces that your cloud provider hosts.

Through such computer leasing, you can make short term laptop hire available to all of your remote workers using the cloud. Your remote workers can also gain access to the applications they need to complete their jobs.

In addition, you can pay for this solution as you go, thus reducing your capital costs. Also, another benefit of DaaS is that it will support new organisation initiatives more rapidly.

All in all, DaaS laptop rental can help your company to run more smoothly no matter where your employees are located.

Communicate with Your Team

Another way to unify teams in the current environment is to encourage all of your team members to seek feedback. Also, motivate them to share the progress they are making in their work.

You might also want to invite them to join other people’s projects when possible.

Try to schedule meetings where your employees can discuss what they’ve been working on, and continue to look for projects that are ripe for employee collaboration in the months ahead. 

How We Can Help You to Unify Teams

We offer an agile and flexible DaaS solution, called Devices for Teams, that will help you to bring together remote teams in the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, this solution won’t be a big hit to your balance sheet.

With our solution, you can get new, fast Apple and PC devices for small operating expenditure monthly payments. This will allow your business to manage your cash flow in the currently challenging environment.

Our solution also allows you to scale up or down as needed. That’s because you can easily add, change, and return devices when you need to.

Our DaaS solution essentially makes it possible for you to keep cash in your business and keep your employees working productively. This flexibility also future-proofs your business for future situations. 

On top of this, support and deployment are included in your monthly payments. This means that all of our devices can be delivered to your employees’ home addresses, and they work right out of the box. In addition, all of your employees have access to the help we provide.

Devices for Teams by HardSoft - Our DaaS Solution, without the Faff

Learn more about our Devices for Teams solution and how it can help your teams and overall business to thrive in the months ahead by giving our team a call on 020 7111 1643 or email