How Leasing IT Equipment on a Subscription Works

26th June 2019
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We’ve all been there – your business needs change. Your IT equipment is redundant or needs upgrading, or you need to invest in new products for specific tasks.

While it’s important for your business success that your team has access to the right technology at the right time, it simply isn’t practical for businesses to constantly invest in the latest technology. This is not only a significant capital investment; tech also depreciates in value relatively quickly.

Not to mention the fact that the majority of finance teams expect their employees to have each device for four to six years.

Leasing your IT equipment on a subscription could offer the perfect solution.

A DaaS (Device as a Service) subscription will ensure your team has the equipment it needs, when it needs it, without unnecessary costs – everyone’s happy!

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Devices for Teams by HardSoft

Through HardSoft’s Devices for Teams solution, you can lease your IT equipment through a unique and flexible Device as a Service subscription, tailor-made to meet the needs of dynamic, high-growth businesses.

How the subscription works

Start your subscription

You’ll start your subscription by choosing your initial devices. Through our new Devices for Teams subscription, you’ll need to choose a minimum of 20 Apple devices for three years. This can include iMac, MacBook Pro, Air, iPad, iPhone and Mac Mini.

Pay a single, monthly subscription fee

Under the subscription scheme, you’ll pay a single, monthly subscription fee.

So, once your leasing subscription is in place, you’ll be able to keep on top of your business’s monthly expenditure far more easily, with a pre-determined amount being taken on a monthly basis and no nasty, unexpected costs when equipment breaks or your business needs change.

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Adapt your subscription to meet your needs

Once you’ve started your subscription, you can add devices at any point. So, if you take on a new team member, for example, you’ll be able to ensure that they’ve got the equipment they need right from the start.

After just 12 months of your subscription, you’ll also be able to refresh or swap any devices, allowing you to keep up with the latest technological developments and ensure that your team is equipped to deliver optimum results. 

This flexibility ensures you are always able to meet your business needs and accommodate varied project work, freelance staff, new starters and geographic expansion, without the hassle and expense of buying, selling and storing equipment.

During your subscription, you’ll be able to return any device, providing you keep a minimum of 50% of your initial subscription, and reduce your payments accordingly without any additional admin fees. So, no more out-dated IT equipment stuck in a cupboard or warehouse, depreciating in value while not being used.

Access care and support when you need it

When you buy your IT equipment, it’s your responsibility to keep everything maintained and in full working order. This can prove costly when repairs and replacements are needed. With a DaaS subscription, you don’t have to worry about that!

All products leased through our Devices for Teams scheme come complete with a 360° HardSoft Service wrapper as standard, including a three-year no-quibble guarantee, full service and support during business hours with Apple certified engineers, device configuration, and loan equipment delivered the next day if one of your devices needs a repair.

If you’d like to find out more about how leasing your IT equipment with a subscription solution works, or for further information about Devices for Teams, give us a call on 020 7111 1643 or email Sophie Morgan, on