How easily can teachers and students become comfortable with Surface SE?

22nd April 2022
Kid at school on laptop SE

In short, very easily. Students and teachers alike will find adopting Microsoft Surface SE devices a breeze.

Normally, when suppliers boast about the benefits of a device, it’s all about the plethora of functionality. The latest hardware is always going further and striving to do more while retaining the best of what has gone before.

We often see a mind-boggling number of features, functions, apps and attributes in-built into creative-class, business-class, and gamer-class computer hardware.

Their appeal is all about how sophisticated the technology is and all the different functions that it can do.

Microsoft Surface Laptop SE

However, the Microsoft Surface SE is a brilliant piece of kit for schools for precisely the opposite reason.

The fact is that many of these hyper-advanced business models like the Microsoft Pro 8 will be totally unsuitable in a primary school setting.

In a primary education setting, there are different goals. Parents and teachers need devices to be:

  • Safe and secure for their children
  • Help children learn without distraction or becoming screen dependant
  • Simple to use for young learners
  • Intuitive for teachers to use straight away for facilitating lesson plans

Devices in an education setting should aim to improve children’s knowledge, help them develop skills and explore relevant subject matter. Sometimes less is more.

Teachers don’t want to have their days wasted by having to learn a complex new piece of tech. Devices in a school setting work best when they are simple, intuitive and enhance the lesson without a learning curve for the teacher.

This is why Microsoft Surface SE is so perfect for primary schools. It has been designed specifically for this industry and the age range of primary school to early secondary school.

Everything about the Microsoft Surface SE is simplified and intuitive while allowing students to get the best learning experience.

The hardware and the software that comes with it, Windows 11 SE is built to help teachers make great lesson plans easily and get started right away.

Intuitive Simple Systems

To make navigating and utilising the Microsoft Surface SE easier for both students and teachers there are layout changes.

windows SE laptop with a kid on it at school
  • There are no distracting feature widgets.
  • File locator and other programmes open full screen.
  • You can only have two side-by-side snap layouts rather than six.

Everything is sleek, efficient, and obvious.


The way apps work on the Microsoft Surface SE and Windows 11 SE is to elevate learning and prevent distraction.

There are a host of familiar productivity and education apps, such as Microsoft Teams, Minecraft Education edition, Flipgrid, and Microsoft Office 365 including, PowerPoint Word, Excel, OneNote etc.

However, third-party apps cannot be manually added by pupils. Only teachers can install additional apps to pupils’ devices, and these can only be from pre-set useful categories.

This enables a simple, distraction-free environment.


All apps and functionality on the Microsoft Surface SE are extremely easy to learn. To make things even more efficient and straightforward, Devices For Education Teams can help get teachers familiar with all the features of Microsoft Surface SE. In addition to supplying, ordering, deploying, configuring and offering tech support for school’s computer equipment, Devices For Education Teams can provide valuable formal training for teachers to use their new hardware to the fullest.


Device For Education Teams can help pre-configure a schools’ devices so they are ready to go out of the box. This adds to the already highly streamlined setup provided by Microsoft Surface SE’s in-built features and those provided by its operating system Windows 11 SE.

Online resources

Minecraft education app

On top of all the straightforward simple design, training and pre-configuration, there are vast resources online provided by Microsoft to help teachers get more from their devices.

Most of these resources are centred on lesson plans and content that teachers can use to make learning fun. The resources can show teachers how to use templates, create quizzes, automate marking and grading, track students’ progress, make lesson plans with Minecraft Education Edition and much more.

Intune For Education

Not only are Microsoft Surface SE devices simple to use for both students and their teachers, but they are also easy to monitor. Teachers can use Intune For Education to control how devices are used by pupils, their screen time, and to keep them secure and focused.

Simple Start

It is also easy and straightforward to get a school started with Microsoft Surface SE hardware thanks to the offers from Devices For Education Teams. D4ET can get schools started with equipment for as little as 50p per student per day.

Devices for education offer with surface SE

The system provides:

  • 9 X Zioxi Charging Trollies
  • 270 Surface Laptops
  • SafeGuard insurance
  • Full installation
  • Full deployment