Have You Heard the Updates on the DaaS solution ‘Devices for Teams’?

13th March 2019
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Devices for Teams by HardSoft is a unique and flexible DaaS (Device as a Service) solution for Apple. An agile Apple subscription tailored for dynamic, high growth businesses. Pushing aside traditional ‘leasing’ restrictions, our solution allows for continued renewals, changes, additions, and returns, to empower your workforce and suit the needs of your changing landscape.

Why did we create Devices for Teams?

DaaS is a growing phenomenon, businesses rely on their teams to have the right technology at the right time. We recognised a quantitative need for adaptive flexibility that allows companies to secure a finance & support package that meets their unique needs. For a business needing between 50-300+ devices for their teams – whether desktop, laptop, tablet or server – you need to satisfy the needs of different stakeholders. But we aren’t just a DaaS solution; Devices for Teams is so much more. We now have a dedicated website for Devices for Teams where you can find out everything you need to know.

Create your own Apple Mac Solution

Subscribe to a new way of thinking - Devices for Teams. Photo of a CTO
  • How do you finance this efficiently?
  • How can you get the latest tech for different people in your team at different times?
  • How can you reduce the number of depreciating assets you own?
  • A one-year warranty is not enough. What about suitable support advice?

These answers can often be at odds with each other and satisfying the CFO, CTO, and the needs of the workforce often feels impossible.

Subscribe to a new way of thinking - Devices for Teams. Photo of a CFO

Purchasing Mac’s in high volumes is a massive CapEx decision but having 70 end-of-life devices frustrate your teams and then having them depreciating in a cupboard is a disaster.

Often, even trialling a few single leases on a couple of machines can feel too restrictive for scaling companies with a need to change their approach to financing their technology.

But now there’s a solution and here’s how it works…

-Start off the subscription with a min. Apple devices be it iMac, MacBook Pro, Air, iPad, iPhone, Mac mini for three years.

-Identify & deploy, with our help, your choice of available Mobile device management systems, IT asset management & MDM solutions to fit your business needs. 

-Add any Apple device throughout your subscription (with no extra fee!)

-Refresh/Swap and Return any devices after just 12months of your subscription 

-Return any device during your subscription ( but keep minimum 50% of your initial subscription) and reduce your payments accordingly (without extra admin fees)

Click here to find more information on the most exciting & comprehensive Apple solution for your business.

And throughout the whole subscription, you will receive our 360° HardSoft Service wrapper:

  • Our 3-year no quibble warranty
  • Full service and support during business hours (including Apple certified engineers)
  • Device configuration to your specification(s)
  • Loan Macs delivered next day should a device need repair
  • Certified Apple Training

How are we able to offer this disruptive new subscription offer?

With our 35 years of experience being accredited as brokers by the FCA and an authorized Apple reseller – we unite the worlds of finance and technology to empower our customers. With over 5000 customers and strong partnerships, we are able to see the future needs of businesses like yours, and create the best solution for the market.

If you’d like to find out more about our Devices for Teams solution, give our team a call on 020 7111 1643. If you’d prefer a meeting then email Sophie Morgan sophie@hardsoft.co.uk