Devices for Teams won’t let your business settle for less.

8th January 2020
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Subscribe to a New Way of Thinking about IT.

Devices for Teams is a subscription service developed for dynamic, agile, high growth businesses. Old fashioned purchase policy dictates your businesses cash-flow forcing you to purchase expensive hardware and software upfront.

Devices for Teams

Devices for Teams - a new way of thinking
  • 3 Year ‘No Quibble’ Warranty
  • Full 360° Support Wrapper
  • Add or Return Devices
  • Liberate your Cashflow
  • Tax Benefits
  • The Latest Models via Next-Day delivery
  • Flex up and Flex Down
  • PC and Mac Trade-In
  • Peace of Mind

The Freedom to Create and Design an adaptable timeless solution. By you, for your business.

Buying Outright Your IT

  • 1/2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Support and Expertise not included
  • Old Devices Becoming Obsolete
  • High upfront costs
  • Sits on the Balance Sheet
  • Slowing, Older Machines
  • Limited Choice
  • Restricted Productivity
  • Demotivated Team

Inflexible, high-cost decision-making that inevitably leaves you with obsolete equipment.

With this new DaaS solution, you start with multiple devices for a single monthly subscription fee. With guaranteed on and off-site technical support, and Warranty in the form of our full 360° Support Wrapper included with every device.

The real benefit lies in the flexibility to match your business needs – whether, through varied project work, freelance staff, new starters, or geographic expansion. This is your subscription. Designed-by-you additions, continued renewals, and to return devices – and to only pay for what you use. Ideal for businesses looking after 20 to 400 people and devices. We empower the creative and tech industries, who need the latest tech at the right time, to keep growing and maintain the highest service levels from their staff, projects, and customers. This revolutionising subscription model has significant benefits vs purchasing.

Pay only for what you use, enjoy next day delivery and engage your business with 360° support. Contact Sophie Morgan on 020 7111 1643 or email and find out what Devices for Teams can do for your business!

For Fast Growing Dynamic Businesses with 45 or More People - devices for teams