Device As A Service: Exchange Hardware & Protect the Environment

23rd June 2021
Device As A Service: Exchange Hardware & Protect the Environment

DaaS solutions allow businesses to refresh and exchange their tech hardware with ease, very rapidly. However, this modern approach to sourcing devices doesn’t need to have a negative impact on the planet either.  You can always have state of the art machines without adding to landfills.

Devices as a Service is a relatively new way for businesses to manage their tech hardware supply chain.

Instead of merely buying the devices, it is a leasing option. Unlike other forms of hardware leasing, it works off a monthly payment subscription model, but comes with a variety of other benefits that can improve business operations.

These advantages include extensive hardware management support, better cashflow, flexibility, and the ability to upgrade and exchange devices when required.

The result is that a business always has up to date, high performing devices that suit its staff’s roles and machines do not become old or obsolete and slow.

The popularity of DaaS solutions has risen sharply during the pandemic as it is now more apparent how it serves the requirements of modern ways of working, which need to be flexible and adaptive.

One concern that should spring to any ethical business’s mind when looking at acquiring new tech is e-waste. Fortunately, Hardsoft is dedicated to helping reduce waste when you upgrade your devices.

The Environmental Impact of E-waste

E-waste can account for any items with cords, plugs and/or electrical components. An old IPhone, television, or computer can become e-waste, but so too are household appliances and even certain children’s toys.

E-waste are electrical items that are unwanted, discarded, non-functional or nearing the end of their useful life.

In 2020 there was a record amount of e-waste at 2.7 million tons. Globally, the amount of e-waste has rapidly increased in the last few decades, with a particularly high surge of 21% in the last five years. It is predicted to soar to 81 million tons by 2030.

E-waste is especially harmful to the environment compared to other kinds of pollutants because the discarded parts can be dangerous in various ways. In addition to being sharp, a fire hazard, a shock hazard, toxic to wildlife etc, it can lead to soil contamination as it breaks down.

The components of electronics do not breakdown easily in water or earth as do other products. Electronics also contain parts that include heavy metals such as mercury, lithium, lead, and barium. These can leak into the soil and even reach groundwater. This can cause damage to the water supply and ecosystem that affects plants animals and even humans.

When e-waste is disposed of in careless ways, such as burning, the pollutants to the air can be serious. The particles can travel for thousands of miles on the air and lead to serious illness and disease.

Yet, it is not so simple to cut back on electronic products. Our society is increasingly reliant on them for business and home life. Think about how much harder simple tasks would be without automation and computers.

Can Increased Electronic Use Like DaaS Solutions Ever Be Good For The Planet?

Automation and electronics can help the environment in other ways by combating deforestation.

Our use of electronic entertainment during the pandemic didn’t only keep us safe from COVID it helped reduced pollution from cars and planes hugely.

The more humans stay home the more nature bounces back as we saw with many animals re-entering cities.

Therefore, electronics can be good and bad for the environment. One way to make our electronic existence better for the environment is investing in greener ways to reuse and recycle electronic components.

This is something Hardsoft takes very seriously. We have built this value into our DaaS solutions to enable businesses to utilise the power of DaaS to have the latest machines, and better day to day operations without creating a bigger negative impact on the planet. 

Enviro-Friendly Device as a Service

Typically, it is a business’s responsibility to dispose of its own e-waste. That is definitely the case when devices are bought and owned by the company.

However, Hardsoft is working hard to reduce the impact of e-waste on our planet.

When businesses use our Hardsoft’s very own Device as a Service solution, which we call D4T – Devices for Teams, the responsibility for device end-of-life services falls on us, not your business.

The result is that when you upgrade, swap, or return a device, Hardsoft will take care of collecting and recycling it for you.

We have partnered with a specialist recycling firm in the UK that disassemble all the components of your old electronic devices and break them down into their raw elements, such as plastic, metal and glass. These raw components can then be used to make new machines.

We also make sure it is easy for devices to get their full use as long as they still have high performance. That means even if your business needs to exchange a device due to your team size or purposes, we can wipe all company-related data and send them to others to use. This is part of our Pre-Loved system, which offers cheaper pre-used devices to startups and smaller businesses.