7 benefits you may not know about Device as a Service (DaaS)

15th December 2020
Device as a Service DaaS

Recent years have completely changed the way many businesses source their tech, from the traditional buy-it-outright model to today’s Device as a Service (or DaaS) subscription schemes. So why has DaaS taken off in the way it has? Why are businesses making the switch to DaaS-style leasing and no longer purchasing and owning IT equipment?

At Hardsoft, our DaaS subscription is called Devices for Teams. Here are seven of the best things about this versatile and scalable solution, and how DaaS could transform your business’s IT procurement.

1. The power to stay ahead of the tech curve

If yours is the type of business that relies on the latest IT, DaaS is an absolute must. No other procurement approach can ensure you have the up-to-the-minute tech you need, at such affordable rates. Imagine buying a new set of laptops or Macs for your team every time a new model is released, it wouldn’t be long before your business is overspending and stuck with older equipment it’s no longer using.

With DaaS, you have the freedom to swap out the tech you’re leasing after just 12 months. So, you can upgrade your entire tech portfolio, or simply one or two devices, as soon as that brand new Mac hits the market, staying ahead of your competitors and enhancing your offering to your clients.

DaaS - Keep the CTO and CFO happy

2. A happy team with the right tools

Team members are at their most productive and creative when they have the best IT equipment. Not only do new laptops, tablets or PCs ensure your team can work as efficiently as possible, your investment in their tech will assure them of your investment in them as employees. Fresh equipment proves you value their work and their capacity to carry it out to the best of their abilities.

What’s more, happy and empowered team members are much more likely to stay with your business in the longer term and wax lyrical about their roles, helping to minimise the time and expense of recruitment over time.

DaaS - No employees with old kit

3. The perfect way to procure Apple tech

Apple has made itself the go-to tech provider for many businesses, especially those in a creative field. When only the latest Macs and Apple IT will do, a business needs a way to replace and upgrade its tech that makes good financial sense.

Since Apple IT doesn’t come cheap, leasing through a DaaS model is the obvious choice. With Devices for Teams, you can ensure your team has access to the newest Macs or Apple tablets and all for a single monthly Opex-friendly fee.

4. A simple and affordable monthly subscription

The fact that it’s so good for cash flow is one of the biggest benefits offered by this method of IT procurement. Here at HardSoft, we tailor a bespoke IT package for each of our Devices for Teams customers, so they receive exactly the mix of devices they need, for a single monthly payment that enables them to invest capital back into their businesses. No large upfront costs. No admin fees.

And, as we understand that a business’s needs are likely to change over time, Devices for Teams comes with the option to add or return devices at any point after 12 months, as long as at least half of the original order is retained. We simply update the payment plan accordingly, meaning you only ever pay for what you use.

5. Freedom to choose when and where you receive your tech

Once you’re ready to create your custom Devices for Teams hardware package, you’ll be placed in the capable hands of your own dedicated HardSoft account manager. With expert knowledge on our entire device and software portfolio, they are there to ensure you get the tech your business requires with as much or as little expert assistance as you need.  

Then, it’s up to you when and where we deliver you order to you. We ship your devices via tracked next-day delivery to wherever you need them, and our certified engineers can even get them configured and set up for too, if you prefer.

DaaS - Free delivery of equipment

6. Ongoing tech support you can rely on

DaaS stands for Device as a Service, and this includes ongoing tech support as well as the devices themselves. We understand the peace of mind that comes from knowing expert support is there when you need it, which is why our Devices for Teams tech support lasts three years – two years longer than a standard Apple warranty.

Our telephone support desk line is open every business day and we respond to almost all queries within an hour, so you’ll never be left hanging with a problem you can’t fix. Plus, if the device in question needs repairing offsite, you’ll receive a loan device the very next day.

7. The ability to focus on your business, knowing tech is taken care of

Perhaps the most significant benefit of DaaS IT procurement is that it includes all of the above plus points in one easy-to-manage solution. In fact, here at HardSoft, we take care of the details of your DaaS subscription, so that you are free to focus on what you do best, safe in the knowledge that you have tech that won’t let you down.

So, there’s no need to spend a huge initial outlay buying devices outright, to configure and install them yourself, to manage and pay for repairs and replacements, or to keep on top of software upgrades and virus protection to ensure they continue to run smoothly. With Devices for Teams, we handle all of this for you and more, for one affordable monthly subscription fee.

DaaS - Should you lease

Ready to learn more? If Devices for Teams sounds like it could offer your business the IT equipment procurement flexibility it needs, give our friendly team a call today.

Summarised Pro’s and Con’s of DaaS

The advantages of leasing

  • When you lease your IT equipment, there are no upfront costs to pay.
  • Leasing is good for a company’s cash flow, which is particularly helpful for small businesses.
  • Leasing gives you predictable monthly expenses, allowing your business to budget more effectively.
  • Purchasing the latest IT equipment can be expensive, but leasing gives you more access to the latest assets.

The disadvantages of leasing

  • If you’re not careful then leasing can cause you to potentially end up paying more in the long run.
  • Depending on your lease agreement or contract, you may have to keep paying for assets long after you have stopped using them.
  • Leasing can leave you dealing with third-party finance houses.