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How easily can teachers and students become comfortable with Surface SE?

22nd April 2022

In short, very easily. Students and teachers alike will find adopting Microsoft Surface SE devices a breeze. Normally, when suppliers boast about the benefits of a device, it’s all about the plethora of functionality. The latest hardware is always going further and striving to do more while retaining the best of what has gone before. […]

What are the cost benefits of switching to a fully digital classroom?

12th April 2022

There are almost countless benefits to schools embracing a fully digital classroom. In fact, embracing digital elements in any way can improve the learning experience of students. However, many school administrators mistakenly doubt that a digital classroom can be cost-effective. What Is A Digital Classroom? There are several definitions of a digital classroom depending on […]

How 270 New Laptops Can Be Deployed and Supported Through Devices for Teams

6th April 2022

Primary schools can easily gain 270 new laptops for their digital classrooms ordered, deployed, and supported through Devices For Teams. But what is Devices For Teams and how does it work? Devices For Teams is a DaaS system with enhanced flexibility and support. DaaS is Device as a Service. A lease-based supply model for businesses […]

Jamf MDM Solution for Apple

27th August 2021

Here at HardSoft, we have been deploying Apple devices for a number of years, and while installing and configurating these devices is not overly complicated, it can be time consuming, particularly when its being installed on multiple devices. We used to install them individually, but began looking in to better, quicker ways to configure these […]

The Benefits of Computer Leasing

23rd August 2021

Acquiring assets for your business Every company has business expenses. No matter what industry they operate in, the business must spend money in order to provide a product or service to their customers. These business expenses can be anything from staff members, equipment, logistics etc. In today’s world, businesses require the best technology and IT […]

How Affordable Tech Is Improving Small Business Efficiency

15th July 2021

There’s traditionally been a clear-cut dynamic when it comes to business size: big companies would have all the resources to spend heavily on improvement and marketing, but their small startup counterparts would have far greater flexibility and freedom to operate creatively. Over time, though, old attitudes have been worn down, and it’s become more common […]

A Five-Step Plan For Onboarding A New Hire With A New PC

15th June 2021

So you’ve hired a new employee. That’s a good sign: it means your business is doing well and you can afford to invest in growth. But it also presents an imminent challenge. Before your new hire can become a valuable member of your team, you need to successfully onboard them — charting a course that […]

Accidental Damage Protection For Mac / PC Devices Explained

30th March 2021

Our Accidental Damage protection keeps you covered for any accidents that are sudden or unexpected to your devices. Your Apple device is protected with free accidental damage cover; this service is also available for Windows / PC devices for a small extra cost. What does our accidental damage cover? This includes, for example, dropping your […]

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