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Thinking of getting BT Infinity? STOP… and call us first!

28th October 2015

Upgrading to BT Infinity or Fibre ? Speak to us first before you end up losing the internet altogether Thinking of updating your current Broadband to Fibre Optic? What a great idea! With BT offering up to 76Mb download speeds at great prices, why wouldn’t you? This is happening up and down the country, our […]

Finding the right iPad case for the Classroom

27th October 2015

When speaking to schools about iPad leasing, a main concern is always breakages. That is why at HardSoft we offer FREE accidental damage cover on all of our iPad leases. To negate the amount of breakages schools have also took the decision to give FREE covers with all of our leases too. Deciding on which case […]

Prolonging the life of your MagSafe charger

30th August 2015

Apple laptops are by far, in my opinion the best laptop to buy for longevity.  Their resilience to viruses and the build quality is far superior to other laptops on the market.  What I cannot understand though is why they cannot make a charger that lasts more than five minutes.  All other laptops I have […]

Apple iMac 5K vs Mac Pro Quad Core

7th April 2015

There’s a division of opinion on which Mac is best way to go for high level, fast processing in the graphics and video editing industries.  Our infographic outlines the clear differences between the two.     The iMac wins hands down on cost. It’s cheaper and includes the 5K Retina 27” Display.  However there’s always […]

How lease renewal works

10th March 2014

Renewable flexible leases are vital for businesses that want to keep updating their equipment. Staying on top of technological advances is key to keeping up with and getting ahead of your competitors. Similar to a mobile phone contract, when the lease nears its end, businesses can choose to renew their contracts to get something new […]

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