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How to use your tablet in the classroom

16th December 2016

Are you thinking about leasing Apple iPads or tablets for your classroom but do not know how you will use them? Here are some great ideas and tips for how to get the most from your devices. When it comes to technology and education, tablets are the new holy- grail! It is no wonder; they […]

Strongbox PC’s…Bespoke speed

25th October 2016

STRONGBOX PC’s are bespoke units which are the perfect answer for Architects, Video editors, Photographers, Animators, colour graders and Music & sound professionals. If you are in need of a particular element for the performance of your machine, this is the one for you! HP with their Z Workstations dominate this market but are often […]

Financing your next Computer in Ireland

22nd October 2016

Christmas is fast approaching and there seems like a never ending list of things we all need to buy… Given the situation, you’d be forgiven for tightening the company purse strings. Spending big on new equipment is likely the last thing on your priority list right now, but then you face the risk of falling […]

Fancy a FREEBIE with your Mac?

13th October 2016

Fancy a freebie?? Of course you do! This month, as always, we have some exciting freebies on offer! Join HardSoft and experience our  ‘One Stop Shop’ approach to computer leasing. We offer a complete package service, revolutionising IT leasing. We supply Apple Macs, finance them and provide warranty for all of our products. This means that the customer only has to […]

iPads; the perfect companion to learning outside

28th September 2016

You’re in the outdoor classroom; your children find a caterpillar. You stop time to let the children examine it in detail; you guarantee that every child gets the chance to investigate it. You magnify the caterpillar to see how it eats – and make it crawl in slow motion as the class query how it […]

Swift Playground For Your Classroom

9th September 2016

When Apple released iOS 10, they also released their own coding app, Swift Playgrounds. This was exciting news for schools! Swift Playgrounds allows students to learn to code using Apple’s coding language Swift. What is code? If you’re not familiar with the term ‘code’, in its simplest form, code is the language used to make […]

Home user Freebies!

7th September 2016

If you are a home user looking for interest free credit on a Mac, HardSoft have some great Mac leasing offers for you. The finance can run over 6, 12 or 18 months and is cheaper than Apple Finance and PC World. Applying is quick and easy with almost instant decisions. As always, HardSoft are […]

Minecraft for Education

2nd September 2016

Released in September 2016, the hotly anticipated Minecraft for Education is a collaborative and versatile platform that can be used by educators to encourage 21st century skills. For teachers who have never used Minecraft before, getting used to the system can be a steep learning curve, but there is a handy training section to get […]

Professional Graphics Cards

24th August 2016

If you have invested thousands in your software, you will probably need to upgrade your machine/ graphics card to cope with it. Not even Lewis Hamilton could win a Grand Prix in a Ford Focus… When purchasing expensive graphics software, you need to ensure you have the latest hardware to use it on. Using software such as […]

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