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Organise yourself with iOS11

18th October 2017

Have you seen it? iOS 11 I mean… it is killing my phone battery (turn off Background App Refresh in Settings- General) until they iron out those cheeky little App bugs that keep us on our toes. They have finally made a file app though, hallelujah!! When I go into schools and explain that all […]

Classroom App… are you using it yet?

7th September 2017

Following the release of Apple Classroom last year, the issues have been ironed out and updated. It is time for you to start using it in your school! Have you used the Apple Classroom App yet? Do you know what it can even do…. Classroom is everything that we have been asked for in an […]

Microsoft Surface as a Service

12th June 2017

Last year Microsoft decided to offer the Microsoft Surface computers on a subscription style basis for business users. They have called it Surface as a Service and have made a good attempt at getting their deal as good as ours… sort of. Surface as a Service enables business customers to pay monthly to lease for […]

iPad insurance for schools

19th May 2017

Schools all over the country are buying and leasing multiple iPads. Not only are they spending thousands on the devices themselves, but also on the insurance they will need to cover them… Apple devices are very expensive but so common. They have flooded the market with all of their must buy- must have products and […]

Cyber Essentials for your business

18th April 2017

Cyber Essentials is a Government initiative to ensure businesses are covered against cyber attack, and to impose an industry standard that you can sign up for and conform to. It has been mandatory for Government suppliers to have Cyber Essentials since 2014 but is due to be extended to many Business to Business suppliers… If […]

Lacie saves the day

17th March 2017

We have recently been singing the praises of our preferred storage solution LaCie. We have told you a little about it, but here is why it could save the day! The LaCie Professional solutions are manufactured and maintained with creative professionals in mind. Extensive video footage, expansive audio sessions, and sprawling image libraries require a large […]

Make your staff aware….

24th February 2017

When it comes to how to use your IT and behaviour on-line, your staff should know how to conduct themselves- its common sense, isn’t it? Here are some helpful reminders of how you should use your IT……. it’s not just sensible but with Ransomware becoming the number one security issue then these are prudent steps. […]

Thunderbolt 3, an exciting, superfast port with a but….

17th February 2017

Traditionally a laptop has several different types of port for data transfer USB, SATA or in Apple world it’s called Thunderbolt.. My ancient laptop has about 6… Now though; the shiny MacBook 12″  and the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar are equipped with one- yes ONE type of connection. The MacBook was released with only […]

Insuring a MacBook is becoming difficult ?

10th January 2017

Covering a new Mac is becoming expensive and cover hard to find. If you have an Apple device, have you noticed any impact on your insurance? Apple devices are very expensive but so common. They have flooded the market with all of their must buy- must have products and even older models cost a lot […]

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