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Home User ‘Freebies’ offer for this month


Choose one freebie option with all new orders

Introducing our brand new offer-  for home users only (when paying with our 0% offer), available with every Mac order this month!

HardSoft offer interest free credit on all Apple Macs to home users; finance your new Mac over 6, 12 or 18 months and experience a cheaper credit scheme than Apple Finance Services and PC World. The application process is quick and easy and decisions are made almost instantly.

HardSoft are offering new customers the choice of three freebie options to add to their new Apple Mac finance package. Choose from either 3 years of Unlimited Cloud Backup, Parallels 10 & Microsoft Windows and Accidental damage cover for 2 years. read more


PC Leasing ‘Freebies’ for this month

We are already a unique company due to our ‘One Stop Shop’ approach to computer leasing. Many companies offer our services individually but we have revolutionized IT leasing due to the complete package we provide. We supply devices that include finance and provide insurance & warranty for all of our products. This means that the customer only has to contact HardSoft to purchase, repair, for technical support and replacement. 

Our latest promotion is here!! On any Windows OC Desktop or Laptop we are offering one of these three options; read more


MacBook 12″ Review – What’s it all about?

The newest addition to the Apple family has caused a lot of discussion and excitement for a number of justifiable reasons. But, who is this product aimed at and who is actually going to buy it? We have a look at where this new MacBook is going to fit in and whether or not it really is worth all the fuss.

At HardSoft, we specialise in the supply and financing of high value IT equipment and can notice which products are leading the way with consumers and which are falling behind. With the majority of customers preferring Apple products, you would expect the new MacBook to be flying off the shelves! But no, Apples latest addition to the family seems to be a bit of an outcast. The new MacBook is the least leased product at HardSoft and with the MacBook Air being cheaper and more powerful, we don’t see that changing anytime soon! read more


Recommended Apps for schools

As a customer of HardSoft, you have access to all of our experience and knowledge. If you are interested in running a particular class but are uncertain which app to use or want to use an app but are not confident to use it, we can help. Contact your education coordinator at any time to discuss or arrange a time for them to come in and support your learning.

With such an array and choice of Apps on the market it can be daunting when trying to decide which is the best for you and the classroom. Working closely with schools gives us the unique opportunity to really get to know which apps work well in the classroom. Choosing your apps carefully ensures the technology in your classroom enhances and encourages learning. read more


Albany Academy – Case Study

albany logoApple is driving change in schools thanks to its commitment to educational technology. All over the world, schools are phasing out battered and dated textbooks, choosing to equip classrooms with iPads instead.

The iPad offers some obvious advantages, as well as some slightly more obscure ones. It’s constantly up to date, offers infinite opportunities for learning, and can inspire creativity and interaction far beyond what’s possible with a simple paper and pen. Naturally, the cost of adoption can be huge for schools that often have a limited budget read more


10 reasons why you should be using Macs in your business

Apple Mac in the office

Apple iMacs make for a clean, professional looking office

There’s a reason why the Mac is a favourite of creative professionals – it’s fast, reliable and it looks rather good too. So here are HardSoft’s 10 reasons why Macs are best for business: 

1. Reliability

People often ask us why Macs with equivalent specs cost more than PCs. While this kind of comparison makes sense on paper, Macs and PCs are actually quite different in practice. Apple makes hardware and software and sells them as a single unit. As a result, the computers it ships have a fairly standard, predicable configuration, and only the best devices make the cut. When you buy a PC, the hardware and software are not necessarily going to have been tested and refined in the same way. read more


How to use iPads for work

ipad aira

Revolutionise the way you work with an Apple iPad

A few years ago iPads were seen as luxury items – not quite toys, but perhaps not a necessary tool of business either. But times have changed, and tablets have gone from nice-to-have luxuries to essential tools for many. Apple’s drive to put iPads into classrooms has ensured continued development of good quality apps for work and study, and that has boosted adoption in businesses, too.

There are many niche apps available for iPads, but we’re going to focus on more general iPad use in this article.  read more


The mysteries of BlackMagic revealed

harry potter

Don’t be confused like a young Harry Potter!


If you think BlackMagic is just for Harry Potter, think again!

BlackMagic Design is one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of creative video technology. The company has a dream of allowing true creativity to blossom, and that’s certainly becoming a reality with its latest products. 

Aimed at creative video professionals and aspiring film crews, BlackMagic Design produces affordable, high quality cameras, disk recorders, switchers, converters, monitors and much more. Everything you could possibly need from start to finish for a live broadcast, music event or sporting occasion can be supplied from BlackMagic Design and can now be leased from HardSoft.  read more


Apple Mac Pro vs HP Z Workstations

The current Apple Mac Pro, released in 2013, is a strong favourite amongst Creative Professionals due to its impressive specification. The Mac Pro remains a favourite for many people in the industry, however people’s opinion of the once angelic Apple Mac Pro are being tainted and eyes are beginning to look towards the world of HP ‘Z’ series Workstations.

The Apple Mac Pro seems to have caused its own downfall due to outdated technology and less options to expand due to its small size. So, it seems one of the key selling points of the Mac Pro has come back to haunt Apple. At HardSoft Computers, we have noticed the demand for HP Workstations is on the rise and the Apple Mac Pro seems to be getting pushed to one side. Will Apple allow HP Workstations to take over, or is it already too late for the Apple Mac Pro? read more


Unveiling the new Macbook & More

Last week, Apple unveiled its latest and greatest announcement to date. The much anticipated conference materialised many rumours that have plaguing the internet for the last couple of months and revealed some new, slightly unexpected products for the Apple family. 

For the last 10 years the Mac has outgrown the industry, PC desktops and laptops are on the decline but Apple products have continued to grow, by a massive 20% last year! The latest addition to the Mac family is the most efficient notebook ever created, the Apple MacBook. read more