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What is a Scaleup business?

25th June 2021

Startups vs scaleups The term scaleup is becoming more and more common in the business world and is one that is synonymous with startups. The key difference between the two is a simple one. Startups work in an environment of innovation and experimentation, with the primary aim being to get their business off the ground. […]

What is a Startup Business

22nd June 2021

The term “startup” is one you will almost certainly be familiar with, but what does it mean? A startup is someone’s passion, focusing on an idea, and finding a way to achieve their goals in the market. In the first steps of the new business, the startup entrepreneur will have a vision of a product […]

How to speed up your Windows 10 PC

2nd March 2021

Although Windows 10 is a fast system, over time and with consistent use it can slow down. This can be a result of several factors, including temporary files, hardware issues, compatibility problems and bloatware. However, if you notice your Windows 10 PC is getting slower and is not performing how you would like, there a few simple tweaks you can make.

Best gaming builds of 2020

23rd February 2021

When looking to build a high-end gaming PC, you want the hardware to keep up with the refresh rate in terms of frames per-second (FPS) of your monitor. You also need to have a good enough graphics card for the level of detail you want in your game, and a processor powerful enough to feed instructions to your graphics card, to avoid bottlenecks.

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