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The Top 7 Benefits of DaaS for Businesses

20th February 2019

Device as a service (DaaS), an agile, flexible and impactful solution which is changing the landscape of how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operate. DaaS offers a fully tailored and flexible solution which is suitable for dynamic, growing SMEs and boasts countless benefits for businesses. The benefits of this empowering and scalable solution are plentiful, […]

Can the Apple iPad Pro replace the MacBook? Is it a viable alternative.

27th February 2018

An ever-increasing number of people are using an iPad as their sole computing device. If Apple continues to further improve the iPad’s: functionality, build, and software it looks likely that we will see these figures rise. It’s been long debated whether tablets can or will ever replace laptops and computers. Over the last decade, tablets […]

Apple Mac vs PC in Creative Industries

19th February 2018

It’s a debate that’s been raging for years and will likely continue to do so. Is Apple Mac better than PC or is PC better than Apple Mac? Both sides of this debate have extremely loyal users to fight their corner, but we want to know is there ever going to be a winner? Or […]

Virtual reality and augmented reality hardware

27th September 2017

Tech experts have been discussing what virtual reality (VR) could be capable of for a while, yet it has only been in the last year or so that the technology has started to attract widespread attention. Now with big name manufacturers including Google, Sony, Samsung and HTC all entering the market with affordable solutions, virtual […]

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