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Virtual reality and augmented reality hardware

Tech experts have been discussing what virtual reality (VR) could be capable of for a while, yet it has only been in the last year or so that the technology has started to attract widespread attention. Now with big name manufacturers including Google, Sony, Samsung and HTC all entering the market with affordable solutions, virtual reality is really starting to catch on. But how could this hardware work for you and your company? We’ve looked at VR for business in more detail.

VR and AR in business

With technology evolving, possible uses for virtual or augmented reality hardware within a work environment are multiplying all the time. In fact, recent research by Bitkom claims that augmented, mixed and virtual reality hardware could save businesses around 88 million Euros by 2020. read more


The most useful AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

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Of course, there are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts for AutoCAD software, but the graphic above should help you get to grips with the basics. Pretty soon, you’ll be working more efficiently than ever!

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