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Apple Business Manager: How to remove a device

20th May 2021

For businesses that use multiple Apple devices, Apple Business Manager can be hugely beneficial for management and collaborative purposes. This cloud portal style system provides management with a clear view of all their devices, with the ability to scale up or down when needed. You will also benefit from increased security and control over your […]

Apple Business Manager: How to distribute apps

7th May 2021

With Apple Business Manager, you’re able to distribute apps outside of the public app store to company-owned Apple devices. This is great for those who want to deploy custom apps that have specific functions and a tailored look for their business. Through using Apple Business Manager, you can privately and securely distribute apps that are […]

Virtual Reality: How will it shape business in the future?

28th April 2021

Virtual reality has been a trending topic in the world of technology for a few years now and the buzz around it is only increasing. As tech improves and wearable devices become available to a wider audience, demand will ramp up and digital environments will change for both businesses and consumers. What is VR? Virtual […]

IT budgets and financial year 2021

19th April 2021

It’s that time of year when businesses are addressing their IT procurement budgets and seeing if they can invest in better technology. After the unprecedented year of 2020, IT budgets will likely be reduced for many industries, with IT leaders assessing the needs and priorities going into the next financial year. When the pandemic hit, […]

Gaming tech trends for 2021 and beyond

6th April 2021

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and game developers are always looking to innovate and improve the overall experience across various platforms. Whether you’re a game developer, professional gamer, or just play more casually, gaming tech is exciting and 2021 is set to be another major year for the industry. With increasing competition in the […]

Remote working in 2020 – what did we learn?

26th March 2021

After the unprecedented year that was 2020, we’re reflecting on lessons learned and how businesses have adjusted to remote working. Becoming more equipped for evolving technology and the increasing demand for remote working was once a slow shift, but last year forced an acceleration that put IT budgets to the test. What did we learn […]

Learning Lab Leasing for Schools: Albany Academy – Case Study

27th November 2020

Apple is driving change in schools thanks to its commitment to educational technology. All over the world, schools are phasing out battered and dated textbooks, choosing to equip classrooms with iPads instead. The iPad offers some obvious advantages, as well as some slightly more obscure ones. It’s constantly up to date, offers infinite opportunities for […]

What are the Top 5 benefits of using DaaS (Device as a Service)?

19th October 2020

Device as a Service (or DaaS) is an IT equipment subscription model that’s been designed to make procuring the devices your business needs simple and scalable. At Hardsoft, our DaaS subscription is called Devices for Teams. DaaS solutions like Devices for Teams offer businesses an alternative to purchasing essential tech outright. Here are the five […]

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