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The next developments for the Mac Pro

Next year could be a big one for Mac users, with the announcement from Apple that we’ll soon be seeing a radical revamp to the Mac Pro. But what is in store and when might we see these big changes? Here’s everything we know so far.

When is it coming?

In April 2017, Apple made a series of announcements regarding the Mac Pro. It’s been a long time coming – the current version of the Mac Pro has been available since December 2013. With new iPhones coming and going, it rather seemed like desktop users were being forgotten so it’s great to hear that Apple have some big developments in store. read more


GDPR simplified

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We’re now less than a year away from General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force. This is a new regulation which will harmonise data protection laws for consumers in the EU. And it will apply to all businesses that collect personal data from their customers.

The UK Information Commissioner has warned that some small businesses might still be unaware that a new regime is looming. Back in February, a Direct Marketing Association survey found that only 26% of companies believed their business are unprepared for the GDPR regulation. However, there were only two-thirds who thought they would be fully compliant by 25th May 2018. read more


Complete our business equipment financing survey

Take our simple survey which will take 90 seconds and get entry into a draw to win a new 12.9″ iPad Pro..

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We are looking to understand how businesses decide upon how to finance new equipment. What are the factors that affect the choice of whether to buy outright or obtain finance.  From this info we hope to provide a wider range of solutions to business. I

t’s a quick 90 second survey and if you participate you will have a chance to win a new Apple iPad Pro 12.9”. The winner will be advised by 10/11/18. read more


Meet your Account Managers

The brothers in 1983 who started HardSoft

HardSoft has been trading for more than 30 years, started by our founders and brothers – Andrew and Philip Morgan – in 1982. Both have always been at the forefront of computer and IT technology and pride themselves on HardSoft’s ability to stay current and move with the ever changing landscape of the industry. Starting designing and selling computer games for the Dragon 32 back in 1983 then selling Amstrad PC’s in the early ’90’s. The HardSoft Sales team shares the ethos of Phil and Andy. Account managers are always up to date with the latest products and offers, so that we can provide you with the best kit for your needs, at the best price. read more


Need help selecting your next Graphics Card?

There are lots of great graphics cards on the market, and some not so great, and sometimes it feel like the odds are stacked against you ever finding the right one but it doesn’t have to be that hard. Especially when you’ve spent thousands of pounds on software and then the software company denies any responsibility as to what spec of PC will work. Often they quote the lowest spec they can which means more people can afford the software.

If you’re a developer, a designer, or a 3D Artist, you will have specialist pieces of software you need for your niche, all of which will need a graphics card that supports your software to the peak of it’s capabilities. It’s all too easy to choose a GPU which you think is going to work, only to find out that it doesn’t and has been a costly mistake. read more


Semi Rugged Vs Rugged Laptops – what’s the difference?

All rugged laptops are built to Military Specifications, which means that regardless of whether it’s semi-rugged or fully rugged you will have a laptop that meets some or all Military Specifications. But what is the difference?

Fully Rugged LaptopsRugged Range

Fully rugged laptops are designed to be able to function in even the harshest and most extreme environments. They can take a real beating and still perform, whether they’re in the desert dust, frozen arctic, or torrential monsoon rains. Each of their components is waterproofed and sealed, preventing moisture, sand, and any other hazardous environmental elements, harming or destroying the computer. read more


Who wants a truly Portable Display?

Many of us are using our computers to do lots more now, especially if you work in the creative industry. We have more applications on the go at once and whether that’s for business or pleasure, it’s a pain to switch screens constantly to get from one to another. Whether you’re a coder, graphic designer, web developer, digital marketing manager, or even a gamer, having a second display available to use can give you the space to spread out your apps and use them fully without all that irritating switching.ASUS Stand read more


We Buy Any

With Hardsoft you can trade in your Mac against a newly leased Mac and get money off the weekly payments. We accept all Apple Macs from 2007 onwards, just send them in to our head office, or drop them off at our Shoreditch Office near Old Street roundabout. Prices can vary between Mac’s depending on a few factors such as the specification of the Mac, such as: HDD size, RAM, Processor, Size of Screen. We cannot, of course, accept Macs that are broken or badly damaged.

When you trade in your Mac you have a few options in terms of what you can trade it in against. As we predominantly lease Macs we can offer you a discount on the price per week of leasing a brand new Apple Mac for your business read more


Refer and reward yourself

Recommend us to a colleague & they get a 5% discount & you can get up to £100

Something we launched last year and you need a reminder on … Refer-a- Friend offer. You can earn up to £100 of Amazon e-vouchers by giving our details to a colleague, business partner or family free amazon vouchersfriend. It’s a £50 e-voucher  for any orders they place up to £23 per week plus VAT  and £100 if it’s above that. Please forward on to anyone who can benefit from our offers. By using the code ‘RAR’ when they checkout or call in they will get a discount, and if they mention your name in the Recommended by box or when they contact us to get the e-voucher . They must enter your name where requested on the Order otherwise we will never know who recommended us ! read more


Apple Launch the Updated 2017 Range

We are excited, and you should be too. The new upgraded Apple Notebooks, iMacs and iPads have just been launched.

Here’s a quick guide to the updates Apple announced this week. For more information check the links to our website below, or give our sales team a call on 020 7111 1643.

MacBook 12-inch – the 12″ notebook gets a graphics bump with faster Radeon graphics and a jump to a Kaby Lake processor. The Apple MacBook 12″ is an incredibly advanced and beautifully designed notebook, featuring an edge to edge keyboard design and new battery technology for longer battery life to help keep you working. Now available with up to 16GB RAM. Find the new Macbook here read more


Compare iPad 9.7-inch Versions

Back in March, Apple announced a new 9.7-inch iPad to replace the iPad Air 2. The Apple iPad (2017) is the cheapest Apple tablet on offer, so how does it compare to the iPad Pro version? You’ll see from our infographic below that we’ve done a quick comparison for you, but here’s a little more detail too.

IPAD 9.7

iPad 9.7


They are both very similar in design, with only a few slight differences. Unmistakably Apple, both iPads are slim, premium metal constructions with rounded edges and corners and the Touch ID home button on the front underneath the screen. read more


Why printer leasing is the way forward

Printer life expectancy: why leasing is the way to go

Kyocera A3 leasing

Kyocera A3 with all the options

For graphic design studios and busy offices that require a stable and reliable printer, the initial outlay required for a heavy-duty machine can be thousands of pounds – and that’s without taking toner and maintenance into account.

But it’s not just the starting capital that businesses should be concerned about. The life of the average printer can vary significantly depending on usage; though it has been said that two years tends to be a common age for printers to break down. Imagine paying thousands of pounds for a printer, only for it to break down after two years. Disaster! read more


News and Views from HardSoft

Lots to talk about this month so bear with us on the ramblings of a group of  mad (sales)man………..

Mac Stuff…….

Microsoft Office for Mac now has support for the MacBook with Touch Bar. Update your software and have a look. It’s amazing.

Be careful on USB-C accessories on the 15” MacBook Pro Touch Bar – not all work and we have had issues on some- even some well reviewed products. Cheap imports could even damage your computer as they don’t have the correct power.  We recommend the OWC Dock which has 13 ports, and the chassis is either Space Grey or Silver. The original OWC didn’t have enough power, the Caldigit fails us on the 4K, and now we have a new OWC. Also got on order in with Bourge for their very smart looking circular 7in1 USB-C solution. USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 displays are still an issue some four months after the launch of a new MacBook. read more


Vaping Macs

Over the past 18 months Hardsoft have supplied e-liquid subscription service Shoreditch with a full complement of Apple Mac’s for their office. Established in 2015, Shoreditch have grown fast and their team has doubled in size, resulting in their computer hardware needs becoming integral to their continued growth. Hardsoft (who also have an office in Shoreditch) has supplied Shoreditch with the latest Apple Mac hardware along with the added benefit of being able to upgrade after 2 years or own the hardware after 3 years. read more


If Accountants lease their Computers … then so should you

If you were to guess which business type leasing is most popular with for us, would you guess it was Accountants ! 

If you were looking for advice on how to best save your company money, wouldn’t your Accountant be your first port of call ? … if millions of Accountants are leasing their PC’s then why don’t you consider it as an option for your company?

accountants recommend leasing computers

Comparing the tax savings of Leasing or Purchasing a new Mac

Leasing offers 100% tax relief. Yes that is right, you can offset those lease payments… that is a super saving. Not only are the payments tax deducible, they are monthly or quarterly. You can keep hold of your cash and use it elsewhere. Businesses, especially new ones struggle with cash flow so take the pressure off. If you are a new business, you will not be penalise, HardSoft pride themselves in offering the same great deals to new and established companies. read more


What our customers are saying about their new MacBook Pro

Many of our customers are receiving their new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro’s now. They have been very patient in waiting. Feedback from customers has been enthusiastic; particularly on the ‘Touch Bar ‘ that clients seem to have embraced.

Paul at Social Media Strategists, Coup Media Ltd said “I especially love the Touch Bar and the way it reacts to the different screens I’m on. The space grey colour is super cool too so overall very happy.”

Allen at Dolphin IT consultants in Colchester stated  “have it side by side with older Macbook and the screen is better. Very sharp…. Do the moving touch barlike the Touch Bar. Waiting for Microsoft Office to support it but handy while typing, or if I have loads of tabs open in Safari….. Good that it charges as well so only need 1 cable connected at home, and can put the Apple charger in my bag.Battery life is bad. Was only doing web browsing/remote desktop access (so nothing taxing) and was down to 20% within 4 hours. Looks like it is a reported problem, and hopefully Apple do something about it read more


HardSoft helps re-branding agency LeftMedia grow with leasing.

Being specialists in computing and finance Hardsoft Computers work with business owners to help them get access to I.T. essential in the day to day running of their business.start up leasing computers

HardSoft have supplied rebranding agency LeftMedia with various Mac’s over the last few years as they continue to grow. Leasing has helped improve cash flow with low monthly outlays and
given them access to the latest computing equipment. Established in 2014, LeftMedia have just moved into a new studio in Trafford Park, Manchester and their computer leasing needs are growing too.
read more


December Update – for Existing Customers

Another month nearer Christmas and nearer another year. So lets’ get a quick update on all things new as we are all busy… 

Renew your lease-  I can provide a full schedule of your leases in an Excel format  listing payments, dates, ref nos. etc and which ones could be renewed;  so you can plan your IT needs for  2017.  Remember with a Flexi-Lease you can renew and get the latest kit at 24 months, watch our amusing video to remind you here.

*Mac Users*

New Mac Price List – as expected Apple prices increased last month. Have a look at the new pricing that basically shows a 20% increase. However as a result of this your old Mac is now worth MORE.  So call me and get a trade- in price on your old Mac. read more


The reality of leasing for new businesses

Leasing is great for cash flow and has numerous benefits in terms of flexibility. Leasing for the well-established business is easily done, if accounts are filed then credit reference companies will allow our underwriters to make lease finance for start upsan instant decision and allow for us to raise the paperwork for the lease very quickly. A lot of those that offer leasing as a service struggle to operate outside of these criteria but that isn’t the case for HardSoft and we are more than happy to offer leasing to place new start business. read more


USB-C expansion for the new MacBook

The new range of 13″ and 15″ MacBooks have surprised us! It was almost a ‘given’ that the new MacBook Pro would be USB-C and based on the 12″ MacBook we all felt it was only going to deliver us a sngle port , highly limiting expansion. Apple surprised us by making thinner and lighter Pro’s and managed to squeeze in 2 to 4 ports . These are USB-C in the non-Apple World or Thunderblt 3 in Apple World. We are, of course very pleased with this addition, although those with the two ports may feel a little limited to what they can do… There is a choice of expansion options and accessories already here for the Apple MacBook’s BUT it will cost you more to get fully kitted out. read more


Order today, pay next year!

Get it now, pay next year… HardSoft have given a little thought into anything that can be done to make acquiring the latest Apple Mac or PC computers ever more affordable than it already is on a HardSoft Flexible Lease– so we are Buy Now Pay Laterallowing business users  –at no extra cost- to defer payments until 2017. Leasing has always been great for cash flow and this offer just makes it even better.

Our leasing experts have come up with an opportunity to defer the payments on your PC or Apple Mac for up to 3 months while getting your IT today; in short that all important project that doesn’t pay you until January needs a new Apple iMac 27″ Retina 5K to be completed; why not investigate this latest great offers. read more


Sharia Law & computer leasing

Sharia Law is an umbrella term for Islamic religious law, or path to follow. It deals with a variety of social, economic and political matters. In economic terms, to charge interest (the Islamic term for interest is ‘riba’) or to be charged interest, whether you are a company, bank or individual, goes against Sharia law and is therefore strictly forbidden. Adhering to Sharia law means that a lot of financial services in the UK are off-limits.

In 2004, it was recognised that the demand for Sharia-compliant finance was worth around £4 billion. As a result, over the past decade in particular, banks and comSha ria Law, leasing,panies in the UK have been developing ways to ensure their financial agreements, such as the taking out of mortgages, are Sharia compliant. read more


Customise a new 27″iMac

The upgrade options for the 27″ iMac are the same now as a year ago when the model was revised The options for Ram, Storage etc have also remained static whilst the computer industry has progressed forwards………. HardSoft have now invested in a new facility which allows us to safely and securely pull apart your new iMac, add some bespoke upgrades, then reassemble , seal it and test it. All enveloped in a three year no quibble warranty.

Storage;  A new iMac has within it space for a 3.5″ hard drive and /or mSATA Flash Storage device. (Combine the two as Apple do and you create a Fusion drive)….. read more


Rise of the Robots is sooner than you think

I have just returned from a lazy summer holiday that- one where your brain disengages. This time though my brain was in overdrive as I read the book “Rise of the Robots”.

It’s not a sci if novel but a prize winning business book setting out the future of automation and its impact in the short future. The ideas it puts forward are quite mind blowing and are almost timely given the UK’s Brexit…

On a basic level Robots will not just replace jobs but make them ever so efficient. The Robots planned in warehouses not only pick the goods from the shelves rise robotsbut today can do it six times quicker. Imagine warehouses with no humans allowed entry and robots almost spinning around picking goods at at astonishing 100 times quicker than a low paid human. Those unskilled human workers will all become unemployed…. read more


Strongbox Technology, the new name in high end graphics workstations.

The High End graphics market is dominated by the HP Z range and up until recently the Apple Mac Pro. However a lot of our customers don’t like the one size fits all approach of Apple, and find the HP Z range too broad for their specific needs. Step forward Strongbox Technology.

Who are Strongbox Technology? 

Strongbox are a UK computer manufacturer based at Pinewood Studios. Their sole focus is to build very fast workstations, servers and render farms using the thumbnail_Strongbox_X_Series 3latest and best components available worldwide. Unlike Apple and HP, each machine is optimized for specific industry vertical markets including Video Editors, Architects and Music Production. read more


The new Henge Horizontal Docking station…Why get one ?

With Henge Docks long awaited unveil of their all new Henge Horizontal docking station, we at HardSoft felt that we should make it simpler for you to understand, what exactly is new from the older Vertical dock? (Which is still available by the way).By simply comparing both the old and new model, you will definitely know if the new dock is for you by the end of this blog.

henge dockingThe new Henge docking stations first and most obvious difference from its older model is that it’s a Horizontal docking station. This means your MacBook will sit comfortably on the dock horizontally rather than vertically like the old one. The benefits of the new docking configuration means that the new dock boasts a much greater number of ports at its rear that easily plug straight into the dock (permanently) without ever having the need to disconnect your MacBook unlike the vertical model which requires you to disconnect the cables each time. In addition both models are still similarly efficient as they can both seamlessly integrate the dock into a professional work environment whilst also keeping all cables neatly packed behind using their intelligent design. read more




This month we are offering our customers some great promotions to accompany and further improve their orders. Regardless of which computers are requested our promotions apply and will to aim to enhance your package. We are, already, a unique company due to our ‘One Stop Shop’ approach to computer leasing. Many companies offer are services individually however we feel that we have revolutionized IT leasing due to the complete package we provide. We currently supply, finance and deal with insurance & warranty problems of all our products, meaning the customer only has one company to deal with for all of their issues. read more


What you need to know this month…

…Things we know that we think you should know !

Whilst there’s no sign of a new Mac Pro on the horizon (it’s current guise is from 2013) we do now have a 128GB option for the Mac Pro available for this. The option is made by the clever PCP for computerschaps at OWC, so is above and beyond what Apple offer. At £ 9.90 extra per week plus VAT it’s not cheap but technically that’s about the same price as the Apple Store price for 64GB RAM!

If you aren’t looking for such high end an alternative to a Mac Pro could be the 2015 iMacs launched late last year with i7-4GHz 6th gen CPU’s offer competitive pricing and speeds (the new i7 is technically faster than then Xeon in the Mac Pro for some tasks)……….. Plus we now have an OWC offering to get the iMac to 64GB of RAM at £4.90 per week extra plus we offer the OWC Helios 2 Spec Sheet offering Dual Slot PCIe expansion via Thunderbolt 2 at £3.60 per week. read more


Competition Time; Win a Sonos:Play 1

To celebrate us bringing the range of Sonos audio products to our Website then we have a free trivia competition.

From wirelessly streaming your Spotify playlist to hearing every detail in your favourite blockbuster movie, Sonos delivers crystal-clear HiFi sound. The Sonos system is expandable so you can choose how many speakers you want. Pick and choose which songs you want in each room, group rooms or have the same song playing throughout your home. All controlled via your smart device or PC.

Any queries on Sonos please ask ! In the meantime email your answers to by 30/4/16. Sonos is available on 0% finance for home users as well. read more



Want the latest technology for your business? Our flexible payment options are on offer to new and existing customers. This latest deal gives you the opportunity to receive your equipment now and start paying in July 2016! You can take delivery now and potentially get more than three months grace.

At HardSoft we are always creating new ways to help ease your cash flow. This amazing deal will enable your business to acquire the latest Apple Mac or PC computers. Deferring payments by up to three months at no extra cost.You could acquire your new iMac now and only pay out next year. This makes business computer leasing with HardSoft even more affordable. read more


What is the NEW Apple iPad Pro 9.7″ ?

The New Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch, whats new?

The iPad Pro 9.7-Inch is the newest addition to the Apple family! Smaller than the original 12.7-Inch iPad Pro, this latest iPad Pro is easier to handle- and perfect for those who are always on the move. As you’d expect the newbie on the block follows the same sleek exterior design as any Apple product, but taking a peek into the interior it’s definitely something new…

Essentially, its the successor the iPad Air 2 and is naturally faster but features the ability to use the Apple Pencil and write onto the screen as well as type with a the new Apple Smart keyboard. read more



Freebies Offer- with 0% Interest Free Finance

Choose your freebie option with all new orders

Choose your FREEBIE option with all new orders

Introducing our brand new offer-  for home users only (when paying with our 0% offer), available with every Mac order this month!

HardSoft offer interest free credit on all Apple Macs to home users; finance your new Mac over 6, 12 or 18 months and experience a cheaper credit scheme than Apple Finance Services and PC World. The application process is quick and easy and decisions are made almost instantly.

HardSoft are offering new customers the choice of three freebie options to add to their new Apple Mac finance package. Choose from either 3 years of Unlimited Cloud Backup and Accidental damage cover for 2 years. read more


The HardSoft KT-32 iPad Charge and Sync Trolley

The new KT-32 charging cabinet has been developed in conjunction with Schools to create a mobile, secure and sleek solution. Due to the compact size and robust casters, it has fluid movement which can be applied by one person. It holds up to 32 iPads or 16 PC Laptops. This is ideal for storage of a class set of iPads.

Available as either Charge only unit or a Charge and Sync version using technology from Cambrionix, who supply to all Apple Stores.KT-32 Charge & Store trolleys will allow you to charge all of your iPads at the same time. Ideal for charging over night to use in your workplace setting all day the next day. The KT-32 Charge & Sync Trolley, can charge your iPads as well as enable you to sync them simultaneously. Using the Apple Configurator sync application you can download and update software and apps quickly and efficiently. This function also enables the IT Manager to control which apps are downloaded and reset them to their preferred settings each time they are plugged in. For schools, this is invaluable to keep control over the apps in a more challenging scenario. read more


Virus Similarities- Computer or Biological?

Virus, a word that that nobody likes to hear, but from time to time we all hear it….Nobody wants a computer virus but we all get one now and again, whether it be something that slows your PC or renders your PC absolutely useless, let’s just say they’re not pretty.

Ever wondered just how similar a computer virus is to a biological one? Here I will be listing five similarities that computer viruses have to biological viruses, they really are quite similar! Computer viruses can leave you on the phone crying to your virus protection tech support or maybe even us…Enjoy! read more


New Year News



No more stacks of paper to sign, it can all be done online

Firstly we have moved to simplify and enhance our standard 3 year Apple Warranty… on all new Apple Macs going forward this NOW includes a Loan Mac whilst yours needs repairing and ALSO Accidental Damage cover against spills and drops; previously we only offered this as standard on our higher end units. This means all units have the same cover with the enhancements. So any problem from a faulty HDD to a broken screen is now covered by us with the option for a FREE loan machine if the machine has to come back.  These are unique services not offered by Apple themselves. read more


QNAP Revolutionizing the world of Data Transfer/storage

Quality Network Appliance Provider, or QNAP for short have released a revolutionary NAS storage product called the TVS-871T  that is capable of transferring and storing data at astonishing speeds on up to 3 devices simultaneously, whilst also being expandable to up to 6 of these units. It is then able to hold a combined total of an incredible 448TB of data thanks to Thunderbolt 2 Daisy Chaining. With its exceptionally low price compared to other products already on the market you wont have to blow your budget to be able to transfer and utilise large files and video. read more


What’s the MacBook for you?

When deciding what MacBook is for you and/or your staff it can become a complicated task because there is simply so many variants to choose from. Now we at HardSoft want to make it a less daunting task for you, so here I will be comparing the different models and highlighting where each MacBook is suited best…so here we go.

mac comparison

12”MacBook’s Dual Core Intel Core M processor compared to the Airs i5 and i7 processor

We start with the MacBook 12” (which starts at only €10.90 per week, on a 3 year business lease). This model comes with either a 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 GHz Dual Core Intel Core M processor which are also all turbo boosted in excess of 2.4Ghz. This means that it can handle office work, web applications, downloads, uploads and editing like a breeze. This model also comes with a huge 256GB or 512GB of flash storage which benefits from being exceptionally fast and a crystal clear Retina display with Intel HD graphics 5300 for viewing 4k images and video effortlessly. So where does this model stand out? Well if you’re looking for something that weighs in at only 0.92kg and is only 13mm making it simple to carry on the go and functional enough to replace your desktop, it could be simply all you need. read more


Offers For Irish Customers this month

We are continually offering our customers great promotions to accompany and enrich their new Apple Macs. We are, already, a unique company due to our ‘One Stop Shop’ approach to computer leasing and are unique in the Irish market.  We will supply the Apple Mac, finance it on a lease package then offer three years collect and return warranty; meaning the customer only has one company to deal with for all of their issues.

For this month, we have decided to offer our customers the choice of one of the following three options with each new Apple Mac computer leased from us via our refreshed Irish website……………..  read more


IT Leasing Offers for this Month- PC’s

This month we are offering our customers great promotions to accompany and enrich their orders. Regardless of which computers are requested our promotions apply and will to aim to enhance your package. We are, already, a unique company due to our ‘One Stop Shop’ approach to computer leasing. Many companies offer are services individually but we feel we have revolutionized IT leasing due to the complete package we provide. We currently supply, finance and deal with insurance & warranty problems of all our products, meaning the customer only has one company to deal with for all of their issues. read more


Can I get Windows 10 free ?

Following the hiccup of Windows 8 then Windows 10 puts Microsoft back in the game…. Initial reaction is very positive and Microsoft have a free offer to get hold of it. So how do you get it ?

If you have a Mac running Parallels Desktop software then unfortunately the Parallels software needs upgrading. The new version is now Parallels Desktop 11 which is fully compatible. This is now available and also supports El Capitan.  We are offering this upgrade to 11 at £39 plus VAT and will include the links etc to upgrade from Windows 7/8 to 10. Please email us on and we will let you know further details as it becomes available. read more


What you love about your Mac

A few months ago, we ran a nationwide poll on Apple Mac ownership. We wanted to know not only what people use their devices for, but also to establish exactly why the products are so popular.

Three-quarters of our respondents said they would lease or buy another Mac as and when the time came to upgrade (for the full survey results, check out our revealing blog) – so what exactly is it that you all love so much?

“I have used Macs for decades. I prefer the user experience”

Why did people choose a Mac?

We asked what it was that made you choose a Mac over any other brand. Respondents who use their Mac for work (20 per cent of those polled) said the software was their primary consideration, which is probably no great surprise. Those who used them predominantly for gaming were split equally between design, software and the decreased likelihood of viruses. read more


Why you SHOULD lease your Apple equipment from HardSoft…

With over 30 years’ experience, here at HardSoft we pride ourselves on being specialists in the leasing of all things computer. We truly believe that leasing is the best way to keep your business MacbookAirPromo2consistently up-to-date on the technology front whilst simultaneously keeping your finances in check. Essentially, leasing with HardSoft means you can spread out your IT costs and reserve capital but still have the latest desk or laptops in your office!

HardSoft are an Apple Authorised Reseller and specialise in the leasing of Apple products as a result. Not only is Apple superior in terms of quality, performance and productivity, the products also surpass all other brands on the style front, helping your office to look polished and professional as opposed to cluttered and ugly. read more


The future of Business Telecoms

Things have changed, they always do – but the speed of change in telecoms has been seismic. Voice has become a commodity, now added in as a value enhancer when buying data communications.

Many business owners realise that it doesn’t always make sense to do everything in-house. For example, it usually makes more sense to have the landlord handle the heating and air conditioning, a security company to watch over the property at night, and an agency to handle the PR and marketing. It just doesn’t make sense to maintain staff and facilities for those support functions when quality services are readily available from specialists. read more


Got a Mac? Have your say!

Do you own a Mac computer?

We want to know how you use it!

Throughout February, we’re running a Mac ownership survey to find out when, where and how people use their Macs. It’s short and sweet, and we want you to get involved.

Click here to start the survey

It doesn’t matter if you use the Mac at home or in the office, or if you bought it for work or play. We want to get responses from Mac users right across the spectrum, from occasional dabblers to people who live and breathe Apple hardware. If you use a Mac for school, or have a media centre on a Mini, get involved. read more


The Complete Guide to Computer Leasing; FAQ’s

Office computers are part of the furniture, and many companies think that buying outright is the only way to get the IT equipment they need. When we explain our simple leasing service, though, they tell us that leasing is a no-brainer.

So, how does leasing work? Let’s look at some of the typical FAQ’s questions we’re asked when businesses approach us for a leased computer.

What is a lease?

A lease is a fixed term agreement that lets you rent the equipment you need. You might tried business car leasing, which is simply a long-term rental agreement on a brand new model. Hardsoft’s computer leasing works in a similar way; we lease brand new, top of the range laptops, desktops, printers and mobile devices. Credit is available to established businesses and startups alike. read more


You know your office computers are behind the times when …

Your look out over the room, and all you see is brown, brown, brown….

Various shades of brown

…and the company website is down more than it’s up.

Under construction

Clients are… well… a little surprised when they see the kit you’re using.

Showgirl gif laughing

You need a tractor to BYOD…

BYOD gif

…or have to carry two phones to do your job.

iPhone or BB

Oh… everything keeps crashing. Constantly.

Computer crashing gif

Plus, occasionally, something randomly sets itself on fire.

Flames in the office

Often, it takes a reaaaaally long time to get online…

Old school dialup

…and a realllllly long time to download things you REALLY want to see. read more


7 pieces of must-have tech for the office

In the 1990s, the average office was a rather beige place. Computers came in various shades of cream, and the most interactive bit of kit was the dot matrix printer in the corner.

These days, you can’t move for weird boxes and gadgets in the workplace, and it’s not always easy to tell the difference between the video projector and the coffee machine.

Looking to future-proof your place of work? Here are seven gadgets you’ll simply have to have.

1. The treadmill desk

If you spend a bit too much time sitting on your behind, the Trek Desk could trim up your wobbly bits to a tee. It looks like a modern torture device, but this workstation-treadmill claims to let you walk as you work without sweating. And with two cup holders, there’s plenty of space for your isotonic energy drink (and/or calorific Starbucks gingerbread latte – your mileage may vary). read more


How much is it to rent a laptop?

When weighing up renting vs buying, cost is a primary concern. Businesses need to know that they’re getting the kit they need at the most affordable price, and that includes the potential for resale value.

So how do prices compare?

We thought we would take a look at typical laptop rental prices, as priced in October 2014. All of these prices are exclusive of VAT and are leased on a three-year basis, with 36 equal payments across that term. Other flexible leasing options are available.

You may not realise that with a HardSoft FlexiLease you also exclusively get a fully inclusive 3 year warranty so will never have any repairs bills and, like your phone, you can upgrade the equipment every couple of years. read more


London branch office now open

wenlock road apple store hardsoft

HardSoft in N1 7SL

After a short absence due to a delay in securing the purchase of our own permanent office space in London… we are excited to be back and operating in London.. and back as the only Authorised Apple Reseller in the Old Street/Shoreditch area.

Our branch office is situated in the heart of the capital. This gives us the opportunity to offer an improved technical and sales support to new and existing clients in the City. Our new London office is just off City Road,  2 minute walk from Old Street Roundabout, and yards from the infamous pub the Wenlock Arms. At Unit 14, 7 Wenlock Road,  we will be offering facilities to all our local Islington/Shoreditch/Hoxton based clients such as: read more