Your look out over the room, and all you see is brown, brown, brown….

Various shades of brown

…and the company website is down more than it’s up.

Under construction

Clients are… well… a little surprised when they see the kit you’re using.

Showgirl gif laughing

You need a tractor to BYOD…

BYOD gif

…or have to carry two phones to do your job.

iPhone or BB

Oh… everything keeps crashing. Constantly.

Computer crashing gif

Plus, occasionally, something randomly sets itself on fire.

Flames in the office

Often, it takes a reaaaaally long time to get online…

Old school dialup

…and a realllllly long time to download things you REALLY want to see.


Plus, your browser does this:


If you spend your days dreaming about a shiny, new Mac…


…it’s probably because your machine’s specs are seriously out of date.


Do yourself and your clients a favour: upgrade and stay one step ahead of the curve… before this happens.



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