You already lease your Mobile!

20th July 2010
Man on the phone and working on his laptop

Over 90% of business users of mobile phones have them on a Contract, rather than Pay As You Go.
It is in fact quite difficult to even buy a phone,  then separately buy the connection. A two year mobile phone contract , for instance , with O2 for the new Apple iPhone 4 will cost on average £45 per month and for an unlimited contract is £60. That excludes bolt ons and insurance.  That means just to make a phone call costs approximately £13 per week.  If you were to take a HardSoft Lease deal and spent £13 per week you could get 2 X MacBooks or a beautiful Apple 27” iMac !
Most businesses in the UK will buy their Computers and not take on a lease. In the USA this is the opposite and with the UK struggling out of recession then leasing contracts are an ideal way to control costs . Leasing, like Mobile Phone contracts, offer upgrade options and support and insurance.
A Business will rent a mobile phone, contract hire a car, lease a franking machine or a copier…The next logical step is to lease their computers.
HardSoft are an Authorised Apple Reseller and with a chain of nationwide branches can offer you the right IT for your business under their Flexible IT Leasing arrangements. Perfect for all businesses.