Why the M1 Chip is Triggering A Mass Migration to Macs

21st September 2021
why is the m1 chip is triggering mass migration to Mac

The recent introduction of the M1 chip in Apple products has been causing significant cultural waves.

This goes far beyond the tech world, or even the business world. The M1 chips are set to shake up the system for us all in the best possible way.

A Review of Apple’s Popularity

The popularity of Apple has been booming over recent years.

Their triumphant return to form began with iPods, then the must-have iPhones, followed by iPads. Steadily Apple Mac computers were back. Better performing than ever, with speed, intuitive design, and improved compatibility.

creatives on MacBooks

For a number of years Apple Macs were the preferred devices of creatives, particularly graphic designers and others who needed their sophisticated interfaces.

More recently Apple has been taking more and more offices by storm. It is no longer just tech departments or graphic design firms that embrace Apple Macs. Apple’s technology has been rapidly outpacing all competitors in recent years while becoming highly compatible, but most importantly, more affordable.

It’s been true for some time that the lifetime value of an Apple Mac computer is superior to a PC. They’re more secure, more intuitive to use, and last far longer than other computers at a higher level of performance.

But the factor that is really triggering a mass migration over to Apple for businesses in every sector is the advent of the new M1 chips.

What is Special About the M1 Chip?

In previous Apple devices you would still be using chips designed by Intel. They were of a good quality and ensured compatibility with other hardware and software.

Apple has now returned to their roots by once again designing their own chips. This has been several years in the making and hotly anticipated.

Now the M1 chip is here in the latest generation of Apple Macs. It seems the wait and efforts by Apple have been well worth it. The chips have been met with high praise from experts and early adopters.

M1 Chip

What’s really surprising about the M1 chip is just how superior it is to existing chips. This isn’t a small step up like most new releases. This is a significant advancement in technology.

The main feature users will notice with the new generation of macs with their M1 chips is speed. The M1 chips have enabled lightning-fast devices. These devices stay fast for their entire lifespan with little signs of slowing over time. They are the fastest computers around even when performing multiple high-pressure tasks.

High performance capabilities under strain are another impressive trait of computers housing the M1 chip. Surprisingly, these long lasting, high powered, swift machines are incredibly quiet. No roaring or buzzing when cooling as Apple has thought of everything to make the next gen of laptop and computers as aesthetically and audibly pleasant as they are powerful.

It’s small but highly appreciated details like this that have been quickly boosting the popularity of Macs among all types of users. Using Macs is a pleasant and enjoyable experience with a small learning curve compared to other computers.

What Technology Makes The M1 Chip So Superior?

The M1 chip integrates more components than the previously used Intel chips in older Apple Macs. In the past, multiple chips would be used for the CPU, I/O and security. However, the M1 does the job of several chips in one. It integrates various systems, such as the CPU, GPU, RAM, Secure Enclave, SSD controller, image signal processor, and encode/decode engines.

8 Core GPU and 8 core cpu

By integrating these systems, the M1 allows machines to be much faster and more power efficient. This is because the M1 can access the same data without swapping between multiple types of memory. It also conserves battery power when using less intensive tasks like browsing. The four high efficiency cores will use a tenth of normal power. Features like this deliver seamless performance never before seen.

At 16 billion transistors within the M1, you can rely on this rapid CPU core being the fastest in the market. It’s the most Apple has ever put into a chip.

Users should look out for the new MacBook Air 2020, the 13-inch Macbook Pro, the Mac mini. These new versions with M1 chips will replace old versions.

Do M1 Machines Have Any Drawbacks?

In short, no. There should be zero angst about compatibility between third party software and the new M1. The Rosetta emulator will allow any software built for the Intel chips to run on M1 devices.

In the next year, all new macs will have M1s, so now is a great time to go to a full Apple office.

Excitingly, the M1 chips will also be added to the iPad Pro as well, making it the most powerful tablet on the market.

Time To Transition to Apple

Thanks to the power of the M1, businesses are moving to Apple at a speed never before seen. It’s a good time to do it too. The new Mac operating system Monterey is on the horizon. So, for those thinking of migrating to Apple, now really is the time.

Post lockdown and pandemic is also an excellent time to ensure staff coming back to the office have the best, most flexible machines.

Apple Macs have always been the best devices for security. The M1 chips only reinforce that trend making them highly desired for home working staff and hybrid working staff.

The other major driver that is convincing offices to go Apple is affordability. Now, for the first time, Apple Macs really are as cheap as PCs with much greater performance. It isn’t just cheaper over the lifetime of the device but actually like for like affordability for truly enhanced performance and better longevity.

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