Why Is Pure-Rental So Convenient For Smaller Businesses?

29th April 2022
Lenovo Thinkpad T15 with pure rental and flex lease price

What Is Pure Rental?

Pure-Rental is one of several computer equipment leasing packages offered by Hardsoft. It is one of our most popular leasing solutions and is the most affordable and straightforward system.

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It enables businesses to lease computer equipment and thereby spread the cost of business devices into manageable monthly payments instead.

Pure-Rental differs from other leasing solutions since, rather than working towards ownership, your business simply rents the devices instead. At the end of your three-year lease, Hardsoft collects the equipment back from you.

By simply renting the equipment, instead of working towards ownership, Hardsoft can secure large discounts for businesses. Pure-Rental provides high quality Apple and PC equipment for 25% less than other leases.

While not as flexible as other solutions, it still has many surprisingly helpful features and choices for businesses, such as:

  • A complete technical support wrapper – Your provider will still assist you with technical errors and ensure your hardware keeps working efficiently for the duration of your lease. You also still receive a full warranty for the duration of the lease.
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  • Mix devices – Rent a selection of Apple and PC hardware for your office.
  • Add more devices – You can still add extra devices to the lease at any time.
  • Various exit options – You can still change your mind and decide to buy the devices at the end of the three years but at market price.

Why Choose Leasing?

Leasing rather than buying improves cash flow and makes accessing better, high quality computer hardware more achievable for business.

It prevents costly equipment from making a large dent in your monthly budget. It, therefore, doesn’t force businesses to choose between an essential piece of equipment and spending most of the monthly budget on something profit-driven to further the company.

Computer devices are notoriously expensive, yet a lease will spread that cost out into reasonable, digestible monthly payments that have a less severe impact on budgets.

Leasing also has the added benefit of ensuring equipment stays up to date. By leasing rather than buying, you can repeatedly access up-to-date tech rather than sticking with older equipment to get your money’s worth.

MacBook Pro 14" and 16" - Flexi-lease & Pure Rental available

Pure-Rental is especially good for ensuring your technology is not obsolete. Since the business does not work towards ownership, you simply return the devices after three years. The business can then start a new lease on more up-to-date hardware.

Why Is Pure-Rental So Useful For Smaller Businesses In Particular

Affordability is one of the biggest barriers to businesses having the best equipment for their staff. This is especially true for businesses with smaller budgets.

Tighter budgets in small businesses result in these companies often being forced into financial decisions that are actually more costly overall.

As the most affordable avenue to acquiring computer hardware, Pure-Rental is a major asset to small businesses.

These smaller businesses can rent high performing devices with little fanfare and fuss. They can get started quickly and have the equipment dropped off efficiently ready for staff to get started, and at a largely reduced cost to the business.

By renting better quality equipment than you could afford to buy outright, staff can create better results and gain larger profits for the company more quickly.

What Are Some Other Leasing Options?

Pure-Rental is just one of several leasing options available to businesses who come to Hardsoft.

There is also FLEXI-Lease. As the name suggests, this allows businesses a bit more choice and the ability to change their minds. It works towards ownership like a traditional lease but allows companies to CHANGE, CONTINUE or CANCEL their lease at suitable junctures during the three-year lease. Pure-Rental is more fixed for the duration but cheaper.

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For larger companies looking at greater customisation and intricate device strategies, there is Devices For Teams. This is a Device as a Service model with built-in automatic upgrades and extensive additional services and support.

Smaller businesses often don’t yet need this level of finesse with their hardware, they just need good hardware as quickly and cheaply as possible. This is why Pure-Rental works so well and is so popular with small companies and new launches.

Since it is such a simple straightforward system it is highly useful for new launches who are focused on getting set up quickly.