Why Should You Choose Apple Mac for Your Business over a PC?

29th May 2019
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Choosing IT for your business can be daunting but Macs can make sense.

Many of our customers are huge Mac fans and won’t contemplate having anything else, while others ask us why a Mac would be a good option for them. We know that Macs are more expensive, but leasing can solve that issue for you by making the latest Macs affordable when you pay monthly. So let’s tell you why you should choose Macs.

What Makes Mac a Valuable Business Tool?

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There are measurable costs and tangible benefits to your employees using Macs, these benefits can significantly affect a company’s budget and cost structure.

Measurable CostsTangible Benefits
Simple deployment & setupEase of use
Higher residual valueMore productive employees
Lower IT support costsRecruiting & retraining staff
Free and secure OS upgradesSeamless network integration
No fees for recycling & removalEasy device recycling

What are your Business’s Life Cycle Costs?

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To consider the total value of a device, you need to think about the acquisition, deployment and support costs, so that you can fully understand the life cycle costs of that device. Taking these into account, Mac computers offer more value for the same costs, or perhaps even fewer costs, than the other options available. The best way to calculate a device life cycle is by using the following structure:

Acquisition Costs
The residual value – the value of a device at the end of its life cycle – is a big consideration for businesses. Mac devices often have a higher residual value at the end of their life than PCs because they have greater reliability and are more durable. It’s also important to factor in the cost of operating systems, malware protection, and encryptions, in addition to financing costs.

Deployment Costs
Deployment costs cover the configuration, deployment, and management of your businesses devices, working with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. Apple Business Manager makes it simple to get your devices enrolled, have content deployed, and assign privileges, allowing employees to set up remotely. This saves time and reduces the need for onsite IT resources, which in turn reduces the overall deployment costs.

Support Costs
If your hardware is reliable, your repair and support costs can be reduced significantly. A recent consumer reports survey found that the reported hardware issues with Mac were around half as many as competitive products. Businesses can minimise employee downtime and improve productivity by using reliable Mac devices.

Remember about Macs…

  • Mac devices aren’t as expensive as you might think
  • Mac computers are typically less costly to support than PCs
  • Licensing and upgrade fees often decrease if Macs are deployed across a business

HardSoft offers businesses flexible leasing with three solutions to suit your needs, so you can access the latest technology and high-end specification Apple Macs for your staff at affordable monthly payments. All with a no quibble warranty and a full-service wrapper.

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To find out more about leasing Macs for your business and our Devices for Teams solution, get in touch with our sales team on 020 7111 1643, email sales@hardsoft.co.uk, or use the web chat on our website.