Why ABM Helps Staff Work Safely in a Pandemic

22nd February 2021
Apple desktop, iPad and iPhone

The UK is in its third national lockdown. That is without counting all the tiered local lockdowns in England and additional separate national lockdowns in Wales and Scotland.

Workers currently have a duty to work from home if possible, while employers must allow them to do so, unless it is an essential business service or impossible to work from home to complete their duties.

Home working during COVID has been a serious headache for many CEOs. While some industries adapt fairly easily to home working, others have found it a great struggle, particularly with the change being so abrupt.

Data security and staff lacking the right equipment have been two of the biggest challenges for business owners.

Luckily, there is a great deal of hardware and software options out there that can make working in the pandemic safer.

Unfortunately, many businesses are overwhelmed and unaware of just how many options they have at their fingertips both in terms of technology and funding it in a cost-effective way.

Smarter Tech Keeps Employees Safe

The vaccine rollout is steaming ahead but with new variants emerging, it is highly likely that living with the presence of COVID will be around for some time.

Even in a reduced threat capacity this is liable to have an impact on businesses, especially in the case of vulnerable staff and the cultural shift to home working that the pandemic has created.

Research shows that:

  • 91% of employees would prefer the option to work from home.
  • Over half of staff surveyed feel that they waste time commuting.
  • Over a third feel more productive and less stressed working from home.

By embracing smart technology, such as Apple Business Manager and MDM solutions, business can thrive with home working staff.

Apple Business Manager has an array of business benefits, but it’s core advantages for keeping workers safe are particularly important in the COVID era:

Not only does the remote setup aspect of ABM keep employees safe, but this free technology also boosts productivity, increases business security, and therefore, ultimately has a positive impact on profit.

By utilising Apple Business Manager with your MDM solution, business owners can monitor device usage and restrict access to certain apps and data. By using Apple Business Manager with your MDM, you can prevent sensitive data from leaking to other personal apps.

Apple hardware and software has long been synonymous with productivity. By empowering your home workers with this tech and simultaneously preventing security breaches, your business could increase its profits.   

Resistance To Embracing Tech Endangers Workers

Despite the pandemic, and free technology like Apple Business Manager existing, many business owners are still resistant to home working.

One major hurdle is the cost of hardware.

It is a common tale during the pandemic that businesses have recently purchased expensive new hardware and don’t want to lose money buying more portable devices for home workers.

It can be unfortunate timing for companies who had recently invested in costly desktop devices right before COVID hit.

The consequences of this financial decision may result in many businesses pressuring employees to work in unsafe conditions.

Due to the constantly changing laws on COVID safe working, it can be tough for employers to know if they are being unreasonable or for staff to challenge them.

It isn’t just the office itself that can make workers feel unsafe. If an employee is reliant on public transport this can be a big barrier to them feeling safe coming into work.

Meanwhile, safety-conscious employees around the country are reporting pressure to return to work. This occurred after the first lockdown, in October 2020 as cases rose, and could happen again soon since the government will shortly announce the path out of the latest lockdown.

This pressure can be subtle, such as a feeling they could be made redundant, replaced, or overlooked for promotions if they don’t toe-the-line etc.

With millions out of work owing to the pandemic, it is a hirers’ market. Many staff feel that if they make a fuss there will be someone else more than willing to take their place and go into the office.

Not only does this put lives on the line, but it also creates a toxic work environment.

Employers might also be reticent about sending pricey hardware to employees.

Questions such as the below are common concerns:

  • What if they damage the devices?
  • What if they use them inappropriately?
  • What if they leave the company on bad terms?

Solutions like an MDM and Apple Business Manager will answer many of those questions. With ABM and an MDM, not only can you restrict app access and monitor how the device is used, but you can also wipe a device that is lost or stolen.

Even on the financial side, it doesn’t have to be as tough a challenge as many businesses believe. If you have recently purchased inflexible desktops before the pandemic, it doesn’t mean you must pay full price for all new devices.

Flexible Financing For Hardware

There is a wide range of options to allow businesses to acquire the best hardware for remote workers without fully replacing all their equipment or paying full price.

Hardsoft provides fixed leasing options and rental only options that help to save money on new hardware. It also makes it much easier to upgrade and exchange hardware for a fast-changing environment.

Whether it is for a select few staff or a large order, you can purchase temporary, interim devices for a lot less.

You may even find flexible hardware solutions are the way forward for your company long-term. These options enable all workers to use the most suitable technology rather than getting stuck with legacy machines in the future.

Hardsoft’s Devices For Teams is our very own DAAS solution (Devices As A Service). This circumvents the old approaches of purchasing hardware and allows businesses to pivot and exchange their hardware as needed as part of an affordable monthly subscription.

Throughout the pandemic, adaptive businesses have been abandoning old methods of outright buying hardware, and instead opting for flexible options such as Devices For Teams. These companies are thriving during COVID because they can keep workers safe and increase their profits at the same time.

It is also crucial to remember that businesses can end up in legal trouble for pressuring employees to come to work while there is threat of disease. This could end up costing far more in terms of fines and lives than embracing a new affordable solution to your hardware needs.