What’s Apple got planned for the rest of 2017?

8th August 2017
Laptop shown with someone's hands on it with their accessories around them

At the start of the year, it looked like 2017 was set to be a big year for Apple with developments expected to many of their products. These rumours were confirmed during the recent WWDC keynote, as Apple revealed a host of new updates including iMacs, iPads and Mac notebooks. To keep you up to date with both the new releases and the gossip about what’s yet to come, we’ve rounded up the latest news to summarise what we think Apple has planned for the rest of 2017:


In 2016 we had the launch of the iPhone 7 and 7+ which brought with it the somewhat controversial removal of the headphone jack. However the iPhone 7 actually had minimal design changes, which has led many experts to believe that Apple were holding out for some sort of big 10th anniversary launch- enter the iPhone 8.
If the usual Apple schedule is anything to go by, the iPhone 8 will be available this Autumn, although Apple are yet to confirm. One of the main rumours circling the new release is that the home button will be removed to allow for an edge to edge display. What then happens to the fingerprint sensor is unclear, although it’s thought it could be incorporated into the screen itself or that Apple could start to utilise facial recognition technology. It’s also thought the display will be made from a flexible OLED display rather than the LCD panels which are currently used. This would make the phone much lighter. An iPhone 8 could see Apple finally offer wireless charging which is already offered by Android. To top their rivals it’s thought Apple might go one step further and offer long-range charging, meaning that a phone could charge a few metres away from its charging port.


At the end of March, Apple announced the launch of a new iPad. It’s simply called ‘The iPad’ indicating that the Air branding has been dropped, however this is essentially an iPad Air 3 with the same display and camera being used as in an Air 2.
The iPad has the new Apple A9 processor, the same chip as in the iPhone 6. There was also a small update to the iPad Mini made at the end of March, so we could see some more radical developments to this before the end of the year, with potentially a Pro version being announced.

iPad Pro

The updated iPad Pro boasts ten hours of battery life and is available in 3 different sizes including the new 10.5 inch model. Users can expect a new 12 megapixel camera with a selfie cam in addition to ProMotion, which can automatically adjust the refresh rate based on what you’re watching.


As there were no rumours of a 2017 refresh, the iMac update has come as a surprise to many. Apple have recently introduced the new 4K 21.5 and K 27-inch iMac models which include a number of great internal changes, such as more powerful graphics and faster storage options than previous generation iMacs.

iMac Pro

Pitched as the fastest and most powerful iMac ever built, Apple have teased the release of the new iMac Pro, which is scheduled to be available in December. Integrated into a unique grey body, the new model will feature next-generation Intel Xeon processors for super speedy performance.

Mac Pro

After what seems like a fairly long wait (since June 2013 to be exact), Apple have announced that the Mac Pro will be getting a radical makeover in 2018. Whilst no secrets have been revealed, the highly anticipated Mac Pro is said to be for customers who need the highest-end system available.

MacBook Pro

Despite having only been released at the end of 2016 and proving popular, the MacBook Pro has this year received an update. Although it has maintained the same design, the updated version features a new processor for an extra speed boost.

IOS 11

Unveiled this month, the latest operating system from Apple includes tons of improvements, both big and small, and is expected to be released this Autumn. New features include a more ‘lifelike’ Siri voice, as well as the ability for Siri to answer follow-up questions. To name just a few of the many adaptations, the Control Centre has had a re-design with a big focus on 3D Touch interactions, maps have been updated, and a new app store has been introduced.

Mac OS High Sierra

Another exciting development to be revealed this month, macOS High Sierra is Apple’s latest operating system. With an all-new filing system, High Sierra promises to deliver advanced technologies for graphics, video and storage.
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