What To Expect From The macOS Monterey Operating System

2nd September 2021
Mac OS monterey

Monterey has been unveiled and will be released this fall.

This is latest Mac operating system from Apple and will bring some interesting changes and improvements.

safari logo Mac OS monterey

Expect to see changes including:

  • Major Safari revamp
  • Shortcuts app – Even more productivity boosting apps for offices, including Focus
  • Live Text and Visual Lookup
  • Privacy enhancements

Apple Mac users should also look forward to some exciting Facetime updates, including SharePlay and Spatial Audio.

These changes to Facetime will enhance digital communications. For businesses this will make online meetings more interactive and seamless, bridging that experiential gap between in-person and digital communications. Spatial Audio will allow for directional sound, so a person’s voice will originate from where they appear on your screen.

Voice isolation will cut annoying background noises. For multiple people joining a meeting on one device, there are wide spectrum sound options too. The portrait, background blur options familiar to many from iPhone filters will now be present on Macs as well.

All this will make video conferencing far more organic and natural. Since the advent of the pandemic, video conferencing has become far more popular, yet ‘Zoom fatigue’ as it is often called is a common issue. By making digital communications feel more natural, this should put less strain on workers.

facetime logo Mac OS monterey

SharePlay lets users on Facetime share their screen in RealTime. This will make team collaboration on projects much easier, as well as letting end users watch films together or listen to music with each other.

Another handy feature of Monterey is AirPlay. This enables you to send movies, games, and photos from the Mac to your iPad or iPhone. This type of update really helps bring the Apple ecosystem of devices together with cross device functionality.  

The Safari makeover is subtle but should improve the aesthetic experience while making working easier. Little touches like tab grouping are highly effective in helping users to organise themselves and work better.  

Additionally, all your iPhone shortcuts will be available on your Mac.

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What’s The Most Exciting Feature In The Monterey Update?

Perhaps the most showcased and hotly anticipated feature of Monterey is Universal Control. There has been a great deal of buzz around this functionality since the demo was first released.

It’s easy to see why this will be so popular as it has obvious practical and entertainment ramifications.

universal control os monterey

Universal Control allows multiple devices to be utilised with a single mouse or trackpad. In practice this should allow users to have an iPad as a duel second screen next to their laptop.

This would allow greater multi-tasking and higher productivity since users can drag displays and apps between the iPad and laptop using one mouse or trackpad.

Productivity and speed of task completion increases by 42% with dual monitors. While the benefits for the quality of work are major too. There is a 20% reduction in errors when workers use dual monitors.

With Universal Control making it so easy to turn multiple Apple devices into dual monitors, this will be big news for businesses.

Why Is Now An Excellent Time To Try Apple Macs?

Not only is the release of Monterey imminent, but also the Apple M1 chip was released late last year in November 2020.

The M1 chips are a return to form for Apple, who have been using Intel chips in their Macs for decades.

m1 chip Mac OS monterey

The M1 chips have been making huge waves in the industry and converting many users to Macs for the first time.

With lightning speeds beyond competitors and an incredible balance of performance and efficiency, the M1 chips have made a firm positive impression.

With useful updates from Monterey and the success of the M1 chips, there has never been a better time to sample the advantages of Apple Macs. For first time users, it will be an impressive entrance into the world of Apple Macs.

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