What our customers are saying about their new MacBook Pro

21st December 2016
Laptop shown with someone's hands on it with their accessories around them

Many of our customers are receiving their new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro’s now. They have been very patient in waiting. Feedback from customers has been enthusiastic; particularly on the ‘Touch Bar ‘ that clients seem to have embraced.
Paul at Social Media Strategists, Coup Media Ltd said “I especially love the Touch Bar and the way it reacts to the different screens I’m on. The space grey colour is super cool too so overall very happy.”
Allen at Dolphin IT consultants in Colchester stated  “have it side by side with older Macbook and the screen is better. Very sharp…. Do the moving touch barlike the Touch Bar. Waiting for Microsoft Office to support it but handy while typing, or if I have loads of tabs open in Safari….. Good that it charges as well so only need 1 cable connected at home, and can put the Apple charger in my bag.Battery life is bad. Was only doing web browsing/remote desktop access (so nothing taxing) and was down to 20% within 4 hours. Looks like it is a reported problem, and hopefully Apple do something about it
“The Macbook Pro with Touch Bar is AWESOME! Can we lease another two” says Chris at Tech City based London software developers Sequal Labs……
Liverpool design agency Elephant Digital said “Loving the new mac, the screen, weight and slimness are great. The touch bar is good, although I think it needs to work with a few more apps, like Spotify and MS Office products too. The machine is very quick and handles everything effortlessly. The only issue is the battery life which with heavy ish use does seem to drain quite quickly.” They have ordered another unit.
As another interesting fact 90% of the new MacBook Pro’s ordered are in the Space Grey. Seems Silver is so last year. The NON Touch versions of the 13-inch MacBook Pro are very unpopular at less than 3% of sales and the ‘old’ 15″ Retina version seems very unpopular. This is surprising given the immense cost of the new notebooks.
Also other interesting facts…Over 70% of orders are for one of the ‘bespoke’ CTO builds with the most popular option being the 4GB graphics.

MacBook pro touch bar financing
Everyone’s embracing the Touch Bar

HardSoft customers get a Three year No Quibble warranty with their new MacBook Pro and have the benefits of leasing a MacBook Pro that includes Renewal options and ownership at the expiry of the lease. Irish customers can also lease MacBooks now. HardSoft are Authorised Apple stockists and if we can help then we will go that extra mile on service.
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