Understanding Apple Business Manager Pricing

3rd February 2021
Apple device management desktop and laptop blog

Apple Business Manager is the perfect hardware purchasing, deployment and management solution for Apple business devices.

It allows businesses to easily bulk buy Apple devices and distribute them to remote workers with great ease.

If you’re considering Apple Business Manager for your company, there are numerous benefits. Best of all, the ABM portal is free of charge.

Enrolling in ABM is free, which is a great cost saving for businesses. However, ABM works best when used in conjunction with an MDM server.

What Does Apple Business Manager Really Cost?

While it is true that Apple Business Manager itself is free, there are other costs involved with getting the most out of the innovative portal.

Naturally, you still have to pay for your purchased devices, however, there are many different Volume Purchasing Plans or Leasing Plans that can really help businesses save money on devices.

Adding and managing devices within ABM works by syncing the portal with your MDM server and these have an associated subscription cost.

Jamf is Hardsoft’s preferred MDM option for Apple products and it is highly affordable.

Take a look at our subscription prices here.

Hardsoft can also offer competitive leasing options on Apple hardware as part of our DAAS service.

Leasing is the perfect way for businesses to save money on devices and easily upgrade them. You will find this far more financially palatable than a big device cost up front, which can often put businesses off from upgrading their devices when they really should.

Hanging onto old, initially expensive, and out of date hardware is known to lead to data breaches and lost productivity.

Are Apple Business Manager and an MDM Worth the Investment?

In short; absolutely.

Hardsoft understands that during the current volatile conditions created by the pandemic, businesses are looking to save money wherever they can.

With furloughed workers and the costs associated with adapting business to remote working, many CEOs are feeling the squeeze on their resources.

Another troubling challenge for businesses is that useful investments are crucial at this time.

The government and science advisors have repeatedly stated that the virus is going to be with us for some time. This is even in the wake of a vaccine, thanks to distribution issues, a massive population rollout and the issue of new variants emerging.

Coronavirus won’t likely be stamped out in one fell swoop. It’s lingering effects on our culture, and subsequently on how businesses operate, will be here for some time.

Businesses must adapt quickly to the new culture of home working. Investment in technology that allows for better and more secure remote working for all applicable staff is invaluable.

When your budget is under pressure, and you must make the right investments in order to survive, there is much riding on the decision of where to invest.

Apple Business Manager is well worth it. Not only is it free, so you only pay for your devices and MDM solution, but it could actually save your business significant money.

Cost Savings with Apple Business Manager

In addition to Volume Purchasing savings, ABM will save companies substantial money over the long term.

By enabling devices to be set up remotely, you will save a significant amount on postage costs. Devices don’t need to be sent to the IT department first, as all configurations can be done remotely.

It also saves you money on IT department labour and enables workers to get started quickly, easily, and securely at home. This saves money with increased productivity and enhanced security.

This makes Apple Business Manager one of the smartest investments a company could make this year.

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