Try M1 Before You Buy With HardSoft’s Mac Trials

11th January 2022
FREE 72 Hour trial on M1s

The new M1 Macs are undoubtably exciting, especially for businesses.

Read our blog post on why businesses like yours are turning to M1 Macs. By utilising M1 Macs, companies have a prime opportunity to boost staff productivity and cyber security.

M1 Max Chip

Macs have long been renowned for their security capabilities, and quality hardware components which enhance speed, power, and performance. With the M1 chips, these features take a huge leap forward.

Apple Silicon’s technology has accelerated the world of computers with their new SoCs (system on a chip). This currently comprises the original M1 chip, the M1 Pro and the M1 Max.

Armed with the latest MacBooks sporting these innovative chips, businesses can expect to see:

  • Vastly increased speeds
  • Better efficiency
  • More power
  • Better energy consumption (longer lasting batteries)

The M1 chips achieved these features by overhauling the architecture of the internal hardware. By having an integrated architecture, the CPU and GPU can communicate data more quickly.

Additionally, M1 Macs have more cores and can switch between which cores depending on the task of the user. This way they can leverage more power only when needed, making simple tasks lightning fast.

M1 Pro Chip

With the M1 Pro and M1 Max, more cores, more transistors, and more integrated memory has been added. The chip size is doubled for the M1 Pro and then doubled again for M1 Max. It’s all about scaling up that same smart technology for massive power boosts. In industries filled with power-users and their energy hungry software, this is game changing. Yet Apple still manages to make these devices incredible power efficient.

On top of speed and power, there’s also in-built security hardware and software to keep business data safe.

So, it’s clear that M1 Macs offer advantages but how can businesses be certain this investment is right for them?

M1 MacBook Trials

With several devices, including MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Mini, iMac, iPad, and MacBook Pro offering M1 chips, it can be challenging to decide which devices will offer the right opportunities to your staff.

There are also a large percentage of business users who are planning to migrate to Apple products following the advent of the M1 chips, but this is their first foray into Macs.

If you are unsure which hardware will best boost your team’s productivity, Hardsoft can help you decide before you commit.

As experts in Apple, we can offer thorough business evaluations to ascertain which hardware will best serve your business goals. Additionally, Hardsoft provide trials on Apple products so you can try them out before you commit to leasing.

72 hour trial

Our 72 hour trials give businesses 3 days to sample the apple product to see if it can meet your staff’s needs. This is completely free and prior to you committing to any of our leases.

Having taken them for a test spin, we can help you find a suitable lease for the hardware you desire.

Hardsoft will collect the test hardware and fully setup, configure and install your new leased devices.

We even offer trade-ins if you have old Macs are gathering dust, which can help reduce the cost of your new products. With trials and trade-in, it makes it simple to know that the hardware you lease will serve your business objectives.