The ultimate Apple iPad Pro ‘How to…’ list

8th February 2016
People working on tablets and computers

Yes! You’ve got your iPad Pro and now you want to play with it until you can no longer see straight. The last thing you want to do is faff about, searching for instructions, advice and FAQs on how to do certain tasks, right? We want you to be able to find that solution and go – so we’ve scanned the interweb to give you the ultimate iPad Pro ‘how to…’ list.

How to…get the most out of the Apple Pencil

We’ve written previously about how essential the Pencil is, and learning not only how to use it, but about everything it can do, will substantially help you to get the absolute most out of your iPad Pro. Cory Bohen’s article for TechRepublic starts at the very beginning: pairing the stylus with the tablet and goes right through to using it with third party apps – very handy.

How to…manage while your Apple Pencil is being shipped

At the tail end of 2015, the wait time for this illustrious accessory was four to five weeks! Even when delivery comes down to only a couple of days, it’s hard to wait! Okay, so you don’t need the Apple Pencil to use the iPad Pro, hence it comes separately, but most people will want it. In the meantime, Cult of Mac’s Evan Killham tells us how to use the tablet while waiting for that precious parcel to arrive.

How to…turn your iPad Pro into a graphics tablet for your Mac

For designers, this could be a benefit that you simply can’t live without: using the iPad Pro as a pressure sensitive graphics tablet. Terry White’s video shows how the Astropad App enables the tablet (and even an iPhone) to become a ‘mirrored touch display for your Mac’.

How to…use the iPad Pro as a second monitor

One of the unique characteristics of the iPad Pro is its size – at 12.9 inches, it’s a bit of a beast. This means that a good use for it is to convert it into a second display for your PC or Mac. According to Henry T Casey’s top tips at, it’s as simple as downloading the Duet Display app.

How to…use split-screen multi-tasking

We’ve mentioned the size of the iPad Pro above. Another of its handy features is the ability to use split-screen to multi-task. Sakitech’s video shows you exactly how to achieve this and make your life much easier.

How to…use picture-in-picture

While we obviously don’t condone watching movies while you’re supposed to be working (cough), with the iPad Pro’s picture-in-picture functionality, it is possible to run videos while you’re ‘concentrating’ on something else, as Rene Ritchie describes in his blog.

How to…draw stuff

Not everyone who buys an iPad Pro is a designer, or necessarily possesses any artistic flair. Still, it seems a shame not to give scribbling a bit of a go, given that the tablet is so great for it. If you’d like to try, Spencer Nugent’s Sketch-a-day series is perfect, helping viewers create some great drawings using easy techniques.

How to…sync files from an old iPad to the iPad Pro

One of the first things we all like to do when buying a new device is to transfer those photos, videos, documents, music files, bookmarks, etc. from the old one. Sometimes it can be a protracted pain of a process. Fortunately, this blog from Syncios breaks it all down into stages, meaning you should be ready to go without too much hassle.

How to…use keyboard shortcuts

If you’re a seasoned Mac user, then you probably already know many of the keyboard shortcuts. If this is your first foray into the world of Apple iPads and keyboards (which is another accessory which doesn’t come with the iPad Pro itself), then this quick list on Techradar could save you some time when attempting to add a comment or increase a font size, etc.

How to…prolong the iPad Pro battery

When you’ve played around and done all of the above, only to see that dreaded low battery symbol, here’s what you can do to prolong the life of your battery – courtesy of Jignesh Padhiyar at

How to… use Apple’s document scanner

Want to scan a document but instead have had to take a photo to remember the information? Now in the Notes App, you can scan documents direct to your iPad, allowing you to scan, sign and send PDF forms direct from your device! Check out this how to guide on The Verge to find out exactly what you need to do!

How to… find the best note-taking app for you and your iPad

The iPad Pro is ideal for taking quick notes, annotating documents and handwriting, but what is the best app to use for this? iMore have rounded up the best note-taking apps for the iPad and Apple Pencil and explained why each of them could work for you.

How to… use multi-touch

You can use many gestures to navigate your iPad Pro and they will make using your iPad easier than ever before. Checkout Lifewire’s guide to gestures to pick up some useful tips and make your iPad experience even easier!

How to… retouch photos

Editing photos has never been easier with the iPad pro, and using the Pixelmator app, you can erase, distort, adjust colours and add effects. Check out Apple’s video to see just how easy it is to improve your images!

How to… use the iPad’s Dock

The dock has been brought over to the iPad from macOS and is a great way for multi-tasking on your tablet. Check out the how to guide on Laptop Mag to see just how easy it is to use the dock to your advantage and improve your iPad user experience.
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