The Perfect Time To Transition To Apple: macOS Monterey & M1 Chips

10th September 2021
the perfect time to transition to Mac m1 and Monterey

With both the latest macOS update on the horizon and the new Apple M1 chips in circulation, there has never been a better time to transition to Apple.

the changes in the M1 chip for Mac

With lockdowns and social distancing restrictions ending, more workers are returning to the office. Safety measures are still a top priority, and many companies are strategizing on how to restructure their workspace for the better at this crucial juncture.

One update that should be apparent to many businesses is your computer equipment.

A large proportion of companies learned the hard way during the pandemic that device strategies really matter. Going into the pandemic and lockdowns, most were using archaic methods of procuring IT hardware AKA buying desktop computers outright.

This equipment was inflexible and a deadweight during lockdowns where staff had to work from home. Owing to buying the devices outright, many companies were reluctant to replace them with laptops. This led many to realise just how costly and old fashioned it was to buy devices outright.

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Leasing IT Hardware is the Future of Flexible Working

With social distancing ending but the virus still in circulation, most businesses realise that now is an excellent time to refresh their office computer hardware and develop a more adaptable device strategy. The colder season could bring more unpredictable turns of events with the virus.

When looking at a complete equipment refresh, some might even consider switching devices completely. If you’ve ever considered transitioning to an Apple office before, there has never been a better time and it isn’t only due to the pandemic.

With the launch of the Apple M1 chips and new macOS system Monterey launching next season, Apple can bring a big wave of advantages to your business.

MacBook Air lease deal

Advantages of the Apple Office in Late 2021 and Beyond:

Flexible Pandemic Working – Leasing a Mac laptop or 2 in 1 tablet device allows easy and fast transitions from WFH or in the office.

Employee Choice – Research shows that employees prefer Macs. They are more reliable, intuitive, tactilely, and aesthetically pleasant. 72% would choose a Mac if given the choice.

Increased Productivity – Greater speed from the M1 chips, and a host of productivity apps, allows staff to do their best work.

Post Lockdown Restructuring – It’s time to learn from the experiences of the pandemic and revamp offices to offer greater adaptability.

Monterey Enhances Video Conferencing – With improved spatial audio creating a more lifelike video chat experience, Monterey will make video conferences more enjoyable.

Monterey and Universal Control – One of the most exciting changes included in the Monterey update is the ability to use your tablet as a second monitor to your laptop with the same shared keyword or trackpad. This delivers greater productivity and is highly convenient.

 M1 Chips and Efficiency Performance – With eight core processors, four of which handle efficiency for simple tasks like browsing the web, and four of which handle performance for heavy duty tasks, the M1 chips deliver outstanding performance.

M1 Chips and Speed – The M1 chips are Apple’s very own creation and they have more than delivered on speed. They far outpace Intel chips in tests and reveal the new Macs to be the fastest and best at multi-tasking.

Try before you buy

3 Reasons To Switch Now – The combo timing of staff returning after lockdown, the rolling out of the impressive M1 chips and the Monterey update on the horizon makes Apple a very attractive offer.

Try Before You Buy – Hardsoft can assist with trials to help you sample Apple before you commit.

Satisfaction Guarantee – Apple is so confident that you’ll be delighted with your new devices that they are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.