The next developments for the Mac Pro

1st December 2017
Group project work on an Apple desktop

Next year could be a big one for Mac users, with the announcement from Apple that we’ll soon be seeing a radical revamp to the Mac Pro. But what is in store and when might we see these big changes? Here’s everything we know so far.

When is it coming?

In April 2017, Apple made a series of announcements regarding the Mac Pro. It’s been a long time coming – the current version of the Mac Pro has been available since December 2013. With new iPhones coming and going, it rather seemed like desktop users were being forgotten so it’s great to hear that Apple have some big developments in store.
While the company have yet to share any significant detail about what we could expect, they have promised that they are “working on a completely redesigned, next-generation Mac Pro architected for pro customers who need the highest-end, high-throughput system in a modular design, as well as a new high-end pro display.”
We don’t yet know a fixed date for when it’ll launch but when Apple announced these forthcoming changes they did say they are still working on them. However, history shows us that this company doesn’t talk about something if it’s still a long way off so it’s a fair assumption to make that we’ll see something in 2018, maybe around the summer time when they’ll hold their big annual conference.

What’s taken so long?

There has been a big delay in upgrading the Mac Pro and it’s thought to be because Apple want to make a redesign that’ll mean the new Mac Pro can be easily upgraded. For many users the inability to customise usage can be a bug-bear and it’s one which Apple has recognised. They’ll be hoping to provide a new system which caters for a wider variety of needs.
We think it’s likely that the new Mac Pro could be completely different from its predecessors, perhaps with a new design, look and feel to it. Having taken a few years away to come up with something fresh it seems unlikely that a similar looking product will be what they come out with at the end of all of that.

Affording the new model

It seems inevitable that this new Mac Pro will come with a large price-tag, in excess of anything charged for a Mac Pro before. This could price a number of people out of the market, despite the advantages that the new machine will inevitably offer.
Leasing the new Mac Pro could be the right way to go for many people and at Hardsoft we expect to be able to offer this option as soon as the new machines are available. Leasing a Mac Pro means that the cost is spread out, allowing Pro users to spend an affordable monthly cost rather than outlay thousands of pounds at once.
Leasing through Hardsoft also means that you have access to our support team who are available to help you with whatever issue you might have. With new machines this can be a vital support to ensure that you don’t lose valuable working time trying to figure out how to get an application to work!
As and when we know more about the new Mac Pro and Apple’s plan for 2018, we’ll keep you updated.