The essential Mac shortcuts you need to know

30th June 2017
Laptop shown with someone's hands on it with their accessories around them

If you are moving from a Windows computer to a Mac for the first time, it’s very likely you are going to come in for some difficulties knowing how to do even the most basic of things. While many people go for Mac computers as an upgrade, it can take some getting used to.
While many people instinctively know how to copy, paste, save or print using the control key on a Windows computer, when you move to a Mac you need to learn a whole new way of working. Fear not though, you’ll soon understand and realise that you’ve got yourself the intuitive and responsive computer you’ve been looking for.
To help you get started, here’s our handy guide to some of the most common shortcuts you’ll need to know:

Basic functions:

On your Mac computer, your main button is the command button which you will find to the left-hand side of your space bar. Here’s how to use it to complete some of your everyday tasks.
To quit your application press Command and Q
To force quit in the event that a programme stops working press Command, Option and Esc at the same time.
To cycle through all your open applications press Command and Tab or to go backward through your open applications press Command, Tab and Shift.
To show the desktop press Command and F3
To move to the beginning of the line or paragraph you are on press Command and A or to go to the end press Command and E.
To minimise your active window press Command and M
In your browser press Command and T to open a new tab or press Command, Shift and T to re-open a tab if you have accidentally closed it.
When typing press Command and X to cut text to the clipboard or Command and C to copy it. Command and V is the shortcut to paste.

Advanced functions:

You’ll probably not need to use these ones everyday but here are some of the more advanced shortcuts that can prove handy as you use your Mac.
To take a screen shot press Command, Shift and 3 at the same time. Your own defined settings will then automatically save the shot to a location such as Pictures.
To delete a whole word when typing place your cursor at the start of the word and press Option and Delete.
To put an acute over a letter in your text press Option and E then type the letter that you want to add and you’ll find the acute appears above.
Talking money? Then use Option and 2 to insert the Euro symbol €.
If you are writing about business then you can insert the trademark symbol (™) by typing Option and R or the copyright mark (©) by pressing Option and G.
Finally, if you want to write about how much you love your Mac? Press Option, Shift and K to insert the Apple symbol into your text!
Hopefully these shortcuts get you started on using your Mac as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, remember that the best thing about leasing your Mac computer from Hardsoft is that you have ongoing support available to you. If you are struggling with anything give us a call and our expert engineers will be happy to help.