Rather than any design led changes the differences are all about internal specs….The Mac Mini has though changed colour from white to traditional Apple silver and is now easier to access internally but with higher spec CPU and graphics but at an enhanced cost. HardSoft have recently added the Logitech Cordless keyboard and mouse which is one third cheaper than the Apple equivalent. Prices for the new Mac Mini start at £8.50 per week on a three year flexible lease, inclusive and warranty.

The Apple iMac was the next to be updated in July with faster Intel Core i3 processors introduced at the entry level and a new fastest ever i7 CPU with 2.93GHz. Again graphics performance was increased across the range. The cheapest 21.5” now starts from £ 9.20 plus VAT per week on a three year flexible business lease, and goes up to £  19.55  per week for  the  27” i7 with 16 GB Ram.

The Mac Pro was overdue an overhaul. Even as an Apple Authorised Reseller we are still awaiting for stock to become freely available. The entry level Quad Core sees an increase in CPU performance and graphics card whilst the big change is on the higher spec options featuring eight core and twelve core ‘Westmere’ CPUs. Prices have increased by circa 5% as is now becoming the norm for each range facelift.

Ram prices are starting to drop which should offset some of the Apple prices increases reflected in the new products. For detailed pricing please contact us. The HardSoft website will reflect some Apple reductions in the coming weeks.


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