Sonos Audio in the office; case study

10th May 2016
Group project work on a laptop

As a newly authorised reseller of Sonos, it is easy for us to sing their praises. We love the speakers! But what about other people? People who aren’t trying to sell them? I went down to the Blue Dog offices in London to see how they are getting on with Sonos in their office.
Sonos HardSoft Leasing
Blue Dog are a Graphic Design agency based in the heart of Shoreditch. They’ve been offering creative design, branding solutions, animation, digital design and video production to a wide variety of clients since 1996. With 13 staff in the office, they are an extremely busy and brilliant bunch. Not only do they have a dog (yes a blue-ish one) called Roman who is as cute as pie, they also have Sonos!! Bonza…
“We want to create the right kind of atmosphere for our staff” Stefanie O’Hara the Studio Manager told me. As a very cool and creative bunch I am surprised to hear Miley Cyrus belting out Party in the USA in the background… She can see my confusion and admits Friday afternoon is their guilty pleasures playlist time. I ask how they manage to agree who gets to choose the tunes? I have heard of the dreaded Sonetiquette before, is it a problem for them? “when I wanted to listen to Adele for a week following my trip to her concert, it was a little annoying for some, but we usually take turns or play different tunes on different speakers”  Now that they have worked out a system it is smooth sailing and of course Managing Director Nigel has the final say!
Songs Office LeasingPart of the beauty of Sonos is that all of the speakers can be linked up or each speaker can play it’s own music. They have 4 speakers in different corners of the office, Nigel has his own office but usually with the door open playing the same music as the rest of the studio. The speakers are linked through wifi and any speaker on the same network can be connected. This differs from bluetooth speakers which can be fiddly to disconnect and connect to a new user. You also need to keep your device close to the speaker when using bluetooth.
“Before we had 4 speakers, we used to move them around the office.” Sonos speakers are wireless which means they can be picked up and moved around as needed. Blue Dog started out buying one speaker to test it out but it soon became the most popular piece of equipment in the studio. “Being able to listen to music without the annoying adverts or repetitive songs that the radio stations plug was so refreshing”
Sonos HardSoft
Everyone in the office agrees that the sound quality of the speakers is amazing and having more than one only added to the awesome sound. They give me a taster with Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the Moon intro and I am truly impressed, in a large office bustling with noise the speakers still manage to deliver astounding sound. The demeanour of the office changes and moves with each new song and you can see the effect of the music. “The office productivity is heightened and you can feel the rejuvenating effects of great music” Stefanie adds. I can really see why Sonos has become such an important part of this office environment.
“Everyone in the office loves it.” They all keep asking me for a free one… After seeing the speaker in action today, if I could get one, I would keep it!!!
Leasing your IT has so many benefits. With a Sonos Play:1 starting at just £1.40+VAT a week or a Sonos Play:5 for only £3.45 +VAT per week it is not only the perfect option but an affordable one! To lease Sonos for your office call our helpful sales team on 0207 111 1643 or contact us HERE.