No more stacks of paper to sign, it can all be done online

Firstly we have moved to simplify and enhance our standard 3 year Apple Warranty… on all new Apple Macs going forward this NOW includes a Loan Mac whilst yours needs repairing and ALSO Accidental Damage cover against spills and drops; previously we only offered this as standard on our higher end units. This means all units have the same cover with the enhancements. So any problem from a faulty HDD to a broken screen is now covered by us with the option for a FREE loan machine if the machine has to come back.  These are unique services not offered by Apple themselves.

Secondly, we are trying to make life smoother we have now moved to E-sign on 90% of our lease paperwork. Physical paperwork can be a pain, and easy to get wrong. Online e-signing should reduce this burden and also allow faster delivery. No need to find an envelope anymore!

Why not take a look at our QNAP Blog

Why not take a look at our QNAP Blog

In other news, we have a new product line that we have launched on our website that is QNAP Storage. The QNAP is a higher end data storage product than our current products. Much of the product is a variation on an external chassis with Hard drives BUT what makes the QNAP unique is that the TVS-871T (snappy name) is a Thunderbolt 2 box that can be shared.  Prices are not cheap starting at £17.70 + VAT per week on a three year lease but certainly answers a few issues for many.. Details can be found here.

January sees many new PC products (there’s not a lot from Apple since the iPad Pro) with the new Sixth Generation Intel (Skylake)CPU’s appearing on Desktops and Laptops. Dell and HP seem to have the edge on speed at the moment with both the Mac Pro 12″ and 15|” MacBook Pro Retina potentially well overdue for a Skylake uplift.

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Another new product line is Sonos Home Audio. We are now an Approved Stockist and are offering the PLAYBAR as well as a number of multi room system bundles (you can also personalize your bundle!) interest free and with 0% finance up to 18 months. Furthermore, You may not know but we Sponsor the ‘Guild of Television Cameramen’. They offer some great courses that are free for members but are now opening these out to non-members for a nominal cost. If you want some info let us know and we will forward you the details.

what is raid

Lastly there is a general lack of understanding of the way data can be stored and delivered quickly from a Server. There is a lot of talk about RAID without much understanding. Have a look at our Blog about this subject and if you still don’t understand then simply ask.

Have colleagues in parts of the EU? Then we now offer computer leasing throughout Europe with localised specs pricing in Euros (or even Krona). Take a look.

HardSoft Computers are a certified Apple Reseller with over 25 years in experience specialising in leasing computers. For more information or if you require any assistance you can contact our friendly Leasing Sales Team who are more than happy to help via sales@hardsoft.co.uk


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