Ransomware is taking Apple Mac users hostage

5th April 2018
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Global estimates are that a device linked to a business will fall victim to a Ransomware attack every 40 seconds. Fighting off malicious attacks has become bread and butter for businesses in the 21st century, last year the number of Ransomware attacks on businesses tripled for Mac and Windows users alike.

sophos intercept x pay monthly
The End of Mac Ransomware? Possibly, with Sophos & Avast Protection for Mac.

But be not afeared! Companies like Sophos and Avast are on hand battling these malicious attacks with their own brands of software specifically designed to: identify, isolate and stop a whole variety of attacks, including Ransomware. Over the last few months, Anti-Ransomware specific software has finally been developed for Mac users where none had been seen before!

What is Ransomware?
Ransomware is a piece of background software often hidden in Malware and installed via unverified E-mail attachments, Websites and Application downloads. It will, if unknowingly installed, infect your devices and deny you access to your data and device via an encryption. When you have no control over your device or network and any of the sensitive data on it, the hacker will then contact you and demand a ransom for its release.    

“60% of all Malware payloads delivered in 2017 were Ransomware”.

Ransomware shuts down day to day operations and puts your company at risk of data loss, embarrassment and (especially with new GDPR regulations) potentially catastrophic legal liabilities.

Ransomware is a GDPR nightmare.
From the 25th of May unverified access to your companies held data by a Ransomware Hacker will have to be reported to the ICO as a data breach and due to fast approaching GDPR regulations could cost your business up to 4% of its annual turnover in fines if you can’t prove you had, at the time, implemented sufficient safeguards to protect customer data. Believe me when I say that Ransomware is far better prevented than cured, especially after May 25th.
Download HardSoft’s GDPR information PDF to find out more information and ensure you can keep your business secure after changes are introduced on the 25th of May.

Sophos intercept X (Now available for Mac’s @ only £1.15 per week)
We only use the best security software available here at HardSoft, we use Sophos in conjunction with several other installed Anti-Virus & security software to ensure that we are safe from any kind of attack. That’s why you can rest assured knowing that our recommendation comes from personal experience and isn’t made lightly.

Sophos intercept X is a solution created to specifically target and combat Malware attacks and their payloads before they even reach your network. Guided by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence with deep learning capabilities. Sophos intercept X organically grows alongside your business and effectively maps attacks as they happen in real time. Preventing identified attacks occurring, existing exploits becoming epidemics and advising what the user(s) should do to stop it happening again.
If an attack does take place then Sophos will be able to remove the threatening files and restore your device to its previous working order, stopping hackers taking control of your business for even a second.
The real USP, however, is that intercept X produces a flowchart after an unsuccessful attack has taken place. Identifying the flaw in your system that was exploited and giving you and your business both the information and opportunities to further temper their online armour, addressing and sealing any previously exploitable elements that were present in your network.

Available with any of our lease plans on both PC and Mac, Sophos really is the best and most comprehensive software for tackling Ransomware available on the market.

Avast Security Pro (Available for both Mac and Windows @ £0.95 per week)
Avast offers a similar level of protection against Ransomware to Sophos, without the comprehensive deep learning capabilities and the displayed threat identification information.

However, we felt it a shame to leave it out because it’s received consistent praise and very positive reviews online, as it’s more affordable than Sophos it’s an attractive addition to many of our leased Mac products.
Avast once installed, will help ensure your data remains safe and won’t hinder your hardware’s performance having been voted by AV-Comparatives to have had the least impact of any other tested security software on a computer’s performance and speed.

More affordable than Sophos and readily available as an addition to any Mac leased with HardSoft, Avast Pro protection is certainly fit for purpose.

What can you do?
The vast majority of Malware & Ransomware incidents are entirely preventable and are caused by unwittingly; opening, downloading or installing the suspected software. In conjunction with a suitable form of security software installed on the network the key to preventing online attacks is company-wide online awareness.

These simple steps, if followed, will successfully prevent the vast majority of attacks on your business from ever even taking place.

  1. Only download software from its official source.
  2. Only open E-mail attachments from trusted/known sources.
  3. Make sure the official source of your software has a good reputation.
  4. Keep your operating systems and applications up to date.
  5. Stay safe when connected to any new or unknown Wi-Fi networks.
  6. Have a solid backup strategy to keep your data safe.
  7. Make sure your firewall is always up to date and turned on.
  8. Install updates as regularly as possible.

Sophos and Avast are the first on the scene and provide a level of security & protection for Mac users that we haven’t seen before, all of our lease options can be configured to include Sophos or Avast and there’s a free trial available for prospective users try it out, and take the first step to ensuring your business is never taken hostage. Call our sales team to find out more on 0207 1111 643 or speak to us online!
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