Prepare Your Mac Deployments for Big Sur – Coming Soon to a Mac Device Near You!

9th November 2020
Apple macOS Big Sur official rainbow coloured theme

It makes sense to prepare your Mac deployments for Big Sur. You can learn more by checking out our helpful guide right here.

Every time Apple releases a Mac update there are those of us wishing we’d been a little more prepared for it, and when Big Sur drops later this month it’s going to happen again.

Keep reading to learn how to prepare your Mac deployments for Big Sur.

Backup to External Hard Drive

Before you do anything you need to make sure you back up all your important data to an external hard drive. You can even back the data up to your iCloud account. The most important thing though is to backup anything you don’t want to lose.

Test and Check

With so many remote workers now it’s important for companies to ensure their employees know how to update the computers themselves. This new update includes better security, which will reduce the vulnerabilities that are currently present.

The new IT management feature allows admins to use MDM (Mobile Device Management) to delay the software updates on your devices, letting your IT team test your critical apps before deploying it across the company.

You should also make sure your IT team is aware of the removal of support for kexts. Apple is directly asking developers to migrate their software, which ultimately will make it more secure.

Before you migrate though, you need to verify that any essential apps don’t use kexts otherwise you could have catastrophic failures when you make the switch.

Steps for Installing

After you have tested and checked your infrastructure and applications you’re ready to start installing.

Again, you must back up all of your data across your company’s fleet of Macs. Next, you will assess any current applications for Big Sur compatibility. You may need to reach out to the app developers to ensure they’re compatible.

Now you’re ready to upgrade all of your apps to their current versions and be ready to have to do that again after the upgrade.

Be sure to let your team know that you’re upgrading their systems and inform them of any delays that might occur in their work. Especially for remote workers who may not be expecting their computer to go down.

Before you update anything you’ll want to make sure your IT team is prepared with the knowledge it needs to handle any issues or support requests from your team.

Finally, once everything is installed it might be a good idea to launch a portal where your team can go for self-support and information to keep everyone running efficiently, allowing your IT team to handle larger issues.

Install Big Sur Safely

Now that you know how to prepare your Mac for the Big Sur update, get ready to update safely, and you probably don’t have long! It seems likely that Apple will launch Big Sur at the same time as the new Silicon-based Macs it is expected to launch at their event tomorrow (10th November) so time is of the essence

Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager - Free deployment with EVERY Apple Device

It doesn’t matter whether you have 5 Apple devices or 5 thousand, it’s easy to deploy and manage them with Apple Business Manager. If your devices aren’t already registered with Apple Business Manager, out team can help you get them registered and deployed.

Apple Business Manager works with mobile device management solutions, such as Jamf NOW and Cisco Meraki’s Systems Manager, you can set up your Macs, iPads, and iPhones remotely, – without the need for any manual configuration.

  • Configure and update device settings
  • Remotely wipe or lock devices that are lost or stolen
  • Set up Exchange ActiveSync on devices
  • Monitor and ensure compliance of app usage and encryption policies
  • Purchase and deploy apps in bulk with Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
  • Query devices for settings and content

Do you know someone with a Mac that needs an update? Then be sure to share this article with them! Our expert team can talk you through updating to Big Sur, as well as registering your Mac fleet with Apple Business Manager, and an MDM solution. Call us on 020 7111 1643 or email