Fujitsu are the market leader in Greener IT Technology and now offer Zero Watt screens and Energy Star 5.0 compliant PC’s. Their Primergy Server is the most efficient Server on the market. A 5 X PC Network with 19” screens and Server running Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 fully installed with all the ‘extras’ including Anti Virus protection and Back Up and warranty cover is just £43 per week– on our flexible three year lease.

Consider in environmental terms the costs of a similar system that is 4-5 year olds . Looking at details on ;  just in electricity savings a new systems versus an old system is £25 per week cheaper to run !

If you add in the costs of maintaining an older system and the increased productivity that a new system offers then £43 per week for a new system seems a very sensible decision.

This is just a few reasons to change your IT systems and consider a HardSoft Flexi-Lease as the ONLY sensible way to get new computers in your business. With Bank Loans either unavailable or 22% APR and a recession that has taught us – CASH IS KING – Consider Leasing as the only way to finance new systems- whether PC’s or Apple Macs.


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