Organise yourself with iOS11

18th October 2017
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iPad iOS11 Files
Have you seen it? iOS 11 I mean… it is killing my phone battery (turn off Background App Refresh in Settings- General) until they iron out those cheeky little App bugs that keep us on our toes. They have finally made a file app though, hallelujah!!
When I go into schools and explain that all of the work they save to their iPads will usually be found in the camera roll, I can hear the collective sigh. We all take pictures of recipes and letters all the time… followed by 500 hundred pictures of our kids/ pets and selfies, only to have to go and fish the information we need at a later date. Yes, you can find your documents in Pages or save to iBooks, but all of those PicCollages and pictures of students work can be a real pain to find at a later date.

Finally we have a ‘file’ app to save all of our stuff to! It is a bit Windows but it’s just what was needed and a real relief! Now, when you save your work, you do not have to scroll through photos or open each app individually, you can find them all in one place!!! Yes, it has been a long time coming, I could organise my work like this, once upon a time on a floppy disk… but at least it had arrived! Using your new files app, you can organise, search and browse all of your files. Helpfully located on the bottom dock, this dock can be accessed by just pushing the home button from any screen and it can be customised with your favourites.
The Split view of the multitasking option with the iPad also works better. I was pleased when the split view appeared with iOS 9 but found it fiddly and easier to double click the home button to switch between apps. Now that the home button brings up the dock it is much easier to use the split screen effectively. This is great for school users who often need two Apps open at once. I can now put my phone down… no need to have both devices open at the same time! Even more excitingly, you can use both open apps at the same time. You can drag and drop files, making it so much easier to move a picture in to a piece of work, not having to save it and then insert it.
All of these changes and advances are going to make a huge difference to school users. The fluidity between apps adds a new level of ease which has been missing. Make sure you update to iOS11 today to ensure you can make the most of your iPad in education.
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